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Kenya and Nigeria lead Bitcoin searches in Africa



The BlockchainCenter site has published an interactive map that quantifies the interest in cryptos in various countries around the world. It is no surprise that Bitcoin leads the way but there are other altcoins that emerge that we did not expect.

The interactive map is based on Google Trends data which reveals which words are used with the popular search engine in the respective countries.

The field of study was limited to the ten cryptocurrencies that arouse the greatest interest from Internet users namely:  Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Tron, IOTA and Dogecoin.

Kenya leads the world in percentage of Bitcoin searches

It is with little surprise that the word ‘’Bitcoin’’ is the most sought after worldwide: it represents 80.7% of requests. Ethereum follows with 13.7% and Ripple is third 7.7%.

The map confirms that Africa is particularly interested in BTC with Kenya firmly in the palm of Bitcoin maximalists. The Eastern African country has 94.7% of searches related to Bitcoin.

This is followed by Latin American countries Brazil, Chile and Ecuador while fellow African nation Nigeria sits fifth with 89.4% of searches.

Bitcoin and Ethereum firmly rules the Nigeria Market

Nigeria as the most populous nation and biggest economy in Africa has experienced a large movement of crypto enthusiasts in recent years.

According to the interactive map, Bitcoin clearly leads in search results with 89.4% while popular altcoin Ethereum comes second with around 6.7%. Surprisingly Litecoin comes in third with 1.3% of the searches.  Bitcoin Cash comes in fourth with 0.7% of the searches within the country.

This map shows that Nigeria still has a long way to go within the crypto ecosystem with the majority of crypto users interested in only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Which countries are the fans of altcoins?

The site also shows the countries where interest in altcoins is at its highest. Ukraine is the most interested in these cryptos, followed by Russia and Serbia. In the latter country, research mentioning Ethereum account for 22% of all searches. 

We will also mention Venezuela, which stands out from other countries by showing a marked interest in Litecoin (9.7%, ahead of all other altcoins).

Several altcoins are altogether absent from certain territories: Africa stands out by having almost no research related to Cardano, Monero and Tron . North America presents a fairly wide range of cryptos, with searches for the nine altcoins. 

Another peculiarity: if we remove Bitcoin from the list, Ethereum comes very much ahead of the rest of the crypto-assets . With the exception of certain countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, who prefer Ripple’s assets. 

Germany shows a marked interest in IOTA, with the IOTA Foundation being located in Berlin: This map shows that interest in cryptos does not seem to fully reflect the classification of crypto assets by capitalization market

One thing remains certain: the domination of Bitcoin is also unassailable there, since the interest in this cryptocurrency far exceeds its percentage of market domination in certain countries.

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