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Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies a Good Idea?



Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies a Good Idea?
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Cryptocurrencies. This is the new buzzword in the investment world. Everyone wants to take a piece of the cake as thousands claim to make millions off investing in cryptocurrencies. Many financial experts have had one or two opinions about crypto and investing in them. Should you invest in cryptocurrencies? Is investing in cryptocurrencies a wise decision? 

What Are Cryptocurrencies? 

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money, based on blockchain technology. You may be familiar with the most popular versions, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are many more cryptocurrencies in circulation today. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets people use as investments and for online purchases. You exchange real currency, like dollars, to buy “coins” or “tokens” of a certain kind of cryptocurrency.

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Is Crypto A Good Long-term Investment?

Over the years, there have been many opinions about investing in cryptocurrencies. Many have written off crypto as a sham and not worth investing in. However, over the years, cryptocurrencies have become a means for investments even for top hedge fund companies. 

One aspect of crypto investments is their asymmetric nature. What does it mean? It means that the risk to investing in crypto and the gains are not symmetrical. Whatever you invest in crypto is what you stand to lose. However, the profit you can make from a single investment can not be underestimated. How does asymmetric investing work? 

Let’s say you decide to invest $100 into crypto. You only stand to lose $100. However, you can make profits above $1000 with that single investment.  With asymmetric investment, you can turn $1000 to well over $100,000 while you stand to lose the $1000 you invested.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to note that cryptocurrencies are volatile and it is not advisable to plunge all your funds into them. You can invest 5-15% of your net worth regularly into crypto. 

You can invest in cryptocurrencies by buying and HODLing, trading cryptocurrencies, or investing in a crypto hedge fund. 

Today, you can purchase cryptocurrencies on peer-to-peer networks and cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, FTX, Binance, and many more. It is advisable to not put all your money into cryptocurrencies as you take more risk than you should if you spread your investments across few cryptocurrencies with potential. 

You can also trade cryptocurrencies. Trading crypto is an art anyone can master with proper education on technical analysis and risk management. If you’re wondering where you can learn how to trade, here’s a course from Blockchain University on crypto trading. 

Not everyone wants to HODL or learn how to trade. If this describes you, you can invest in cryptocurrencies with the help of a hedge fund. 

Hedge funds are financial institutions that are typically privately owned and managed. The firm gets funds from private investors, companies, and other customers. The firm then invests these funds in a profitable venture and gives a particular ROI to its investors. 

Introducing LightBlocks  

LightBlocks is a leading cryptocurrency training and investment company whose mission is to promote blockchain and crypto education around the world and increase opportunities for safe crypto investment opportunities. Through crypto education and encryption investment platforms, LightBlocks provides customers with the necessary know-how and secure investment opportunities necessary to generate significant returns on their investments.

You can start with LightBlocks Standard Plan or Lifestyle Plan and start earning passive income from cryptocurrencies.

LightBlocks Standard Plan

With LightBlocks Standard plan, you invest a minimum of $100 with LightBlocks and earn an ROI of 13% for three months, 28% for six months, and 58% for 12 months. You also get the option to get your ROI in fiat or crypto. 

LightBlocks LifeStyle Plan

LightBlocks Lifestyle plan offers you a new and efficient way to pay your house rent without any hassle, by doing it the smart way, not the hard way.

With the LifeStyle plan, you can invest just 50% of your annual house rent with us, 10 months before when it’s due, and be rest assured that we’ve got your rent covered for the next three years

How to Get Started

You have the opportunity to get the best return on your financial investment through LightBlocks. You can contact us via WhatsApp or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to know about our plans and how we at LightBlocks are creating opportunities for you to learn and earn with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

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