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LightBlocks has birthed its new subsidiary called LightBlock Media.

A few years ago, the internet was seen as the most advanced technology which has created great opportunities for individuals and organisations, it has successfully helped man create more advanced technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR(Virtual Reality), Fintech, Blockchain technology and now we have a global community online.

Man has developed better products and technology to help make our everyday life easy. We’ve moved from a “trade by barter” system,to animal skins, cowries, gold, metal coin, paper money, electronic money down to digital currencies and now we have moved to Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Eos, Ethereum etc). 

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However, all that wouldn’t have been possible if information was not dispensed via a medium.

I’m sure it would gladden your heart to visit a website and find the answer to your financial freedom.or even get info on how to make 100k in a month with just your mobile phone. ?

We realized that there is a lot we are yet to learn and take advantage of. However, we understand that information is gold and knowledge is indeed power when utilized. So everyone needs to hear what we have to say in contribution to the growth of knowledge in our community through our platform. We hope to help collaborate and help promote the hard work of brave people in our society and also in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

With all these in mind, LightBlocks has birthed its new subsidiary called LightBlock Media. LightBlocks Media is a resourceful and educative platform set up to keep you informed about the digital world and the potentials it holds. We have a team of well-known researchers in both cryptocurrency and financial experts to help deliver contents that will keep you up to date with valuable information.

As a reader or user, you get the opportunity 

  • To receive first-hand news happening in the digital world that includes tech and business news
  • Access to learning a skill that can generate an income of at least 50k from with just your phone.
  • Reach a large audience and get them engaging with your products by placing an advert through our platform.
  • Content Contributors can also get their works published via our platform. So yes, if you want to be a contributor, visit our website to apply. 
  • Publish your press release. This offer is free for the next 60 days from the day of site launch.
  • Get your targeted audience to attend your event by displaying your event via our site.

This is just a tip of the Iceberg of what we have to offer.

So scroll down and subscribe to our platform so that we wouldn’t miss out on the release in the future.

For more enquiries, send a mail to: [email protected]

Got any questions or complaints, send a message to whatsapp no: 

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