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Insights From Nigerian Crypto Influencers On Crypto Adoption

Nigerian Crypto Influencers share insights on crypto adoption, the role of Gen Z in driving crypto adoption and their biggest lessons learnt.



Nigerian Crypto Influencers
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Driving blockchain/crypto adoption is directly proportional to the use cases and utilities built in the blockchain space and Nigerian crypto influencers share their opinion on this. There is always a lot of noise in the Blockchain space during bull markets. However, during a bear market, users begin to filter out the noise, watch thriving projects, and seek out real utility.

In this interview with seven top crypto influencers, LightBlocks gathered insights on blockchain adoption, Gen Z’s role in driving crypto adoption, and some highs and lows in their crypto journey. 

This is the last of a series of articles reflecting how Gen Z plays a vital role in driving crypto adoption. You can read the first episode with Natalie Brunell and find the second with Mr. Paul Ezeafulukwe here.

Who Are These Nigerian Crypto Influencers?

In no particular order, here are the short bios of our speakers:

  1. Chris Ani: A Blockchain educator, trader, and entrepreneur. Chris built the first Crypto education platform in Nigeria (Cryptohub) where people could learn crypto and crypto investing. He has trained over 20,000 people in crypto and has helped in the success of various projects in the Blockchain ecosystem. 
Nigerian Crypto Influencers- Chris Ani
Chris Ani
  1. CryptoPreacher: A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency educationist/consultant who provides Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education to the church, National Assembly members, and traditional media in Nigeria including Businessday, This day, The sun, and Vanguard. In collaboration with Nigeria’s famous TV station (Channelstv), he analyses the digital asset market. 
Nigerian Crypto Influencers- CryptoPreacher

That is not all, the CryptoPreacher regularly hosts events for exchanges like Luno, Binance, and FTX Nigeria. He is the co-founder of ThinkCrypto Global in  Washington DC and the founder of the Cryptopreacher Blockchain Academy.

  1. Obinna Iwuno: A Blockchain educator, consultant, and compliance specialist. Obinna has educated over 10,000 in 2yrs and built 4 Blockchain and Crypto Communities including The Crypto Bootcamp, Crypto Ladies League, and Blockchain Network. 
Obinna Iwuno
Obinna Iwuno

He is also the Executive Secretary of the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria- SiBAN.

  1. Unyime Akpan: An expert crypto community manager. Unyime has trained over 300 people in the Blockchain space and is the founder of the Empowered Blockchain Hub.
Unyime Akpan
Unyime Akpan
  1. David Zoe: An educationist and consultant. David has spoken in over 200 Blockchain events both online and onsite and trained over 1000 persons in the Blockchain space across Africa.
Nigerian Crypto Influencers- David Zoe
David Zoe

He’s the founder of the Blockchain Education Invasion community – BEI, author of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Simplified book, Country Manager for AAX Nigeria, and currently serves as the Vice president of education and adoption at Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria- SiBAN.

  1. Angel Stanley: A Futures trader and crypto analyst. Stanley learnt the basics of blockchain & crypto trading in 2019. From then on, he has raised traders and partnered with multiple Blockchain firms.
Angel Stanley
Angel Stanley
  1. Emmanuel Joseph: A millionaire Futures trader, serial investor, and financial analyst. Emmanuel started p2p transactions in 2019 through his company, HABSFX, and went into trading futures in 2021.
Emmanuel Joseph
Emmanuel Joseph

He made his first massive profits with Shiba, then Doge, and recently PLCU (ULTIMA COIN) which went from an actual investment amount of $6,000 to about $114,000.

  1. Okechukwu Patrick: A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency expert. Patrick was one of the first set of Pioneers to introduce crypto education in Nigeria. 
Okechukwu Patrick
Okechukwu Patrick

He has a registered crypto company in the UK, has partnered with different crypto projects, and is currently the African Regional manager for Atlantis Exchange, USA.

Sharing Insights On Crypto Adoption 

Why Cryptocurrency?

In addition to offering economic freedom, our Nigerian crypto influencers had the following to say: 

Crypto is the future because it’s here to secure our Data … and Data is the future. Crypto gives freedom to transfer value on the internet. It brings about decentralized finance. It is a tool for wealth creation and economic development and has the greatest use case in Africa which includes financial inclusion. 

How Will Gen Z Play A Role?

Here’s what our crypto influencers had to say:

We’re already witnessing Gen Z that’s aiming at ensuring they meet some key needs in today’s economy, solve problems, and are very financially stable. Currently, there is a lot of recession, and this has led to a good percentage of Gen Z looking for another means of survival, which is crypto and tech. 

A majority of Gen Z was born into the Internet, they have the energy and more medium to connect to the world. 

Lessons Learnt In The Space And Mistakes Made

Mistakes are inevitable, but I like to say that we can’t live long enough to make all the mistakes by ourselves. Our Nigerian crypto influencers agree and openly share that they’ve lost money (a lot) in the crypto space. Chris openly says:

I have lost huge 6 figures (in USDT) in crypto more than once.

chris ani

Anyway, with these mistakes came lessons, and here are the top 11 lessons our influencers have learned in the Crypto space:

  1. Don’t neglect the place of mentorship. 
  2. See volunteering as an opportunity.
  3. Get knowledge first. It’s important to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) because Knowledge will get you from Point A to Point B.
  4. When trading futures, never trade with what or an amount you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Keep your risk level as minimal as possible. The crypto market doesn’t refund. 
  6. Control your greed and reduce your market expectations. Volatility is a real thing.
  7. Master the art of taking profit and using proper position sizing.
  8. Control your emotions, and don’t make rash trading decisions.
  9. Learn to be patient. HODL!
  10. Be consistent and disciplined.
  11. Understand the power of relationships/community building.


Blockchain will power 95% of systems in the world and will become a career-based industry rather than just trading. It will pay builders and service providers more than anyone else, it will make payments and transactions easier and faster. 

You can begin today to build for yourself in the Blockchain space. This brings us to the end of this series. Join the Lightblocks community to enjoy all updates.

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