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Humanity Node Is Eradicating Poverty In Africa Using Blockchain Technology



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The Humanity Node Protocol (HNP) was established to create a global non-governmental human social-net that ensures a minimum above extreme poverty existence for all its participants. it represent the realization of the promise of blockchain technology to make things better for all humanity. HNP is designed to be interoperable with all existing relevant blockchain projects.

The problem humanity is solving

There are 413M People living in Extreme Poverty in Africa, HNP seeks to end extreme poverty globally, a goal that aligns with the United Nation sustainable development goal (SDG) No poverty. HNP is addressing extreme poverty through a closed informal sector ecosystem where members can monetize their most valuable asset, their time, through a pledge to provide work. Coupled with a peer-to-peer co-operative entrepreneurship program, the HNP ecosystem provides direct employment, synthetic employment and start-up business opportunities aiming to eliminate extreme poverty in Nigeria by 2030, in all of Africa by 2040 and globally before 2050.

The solution

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HNP is unique in that its technology is being deployed on an active ecosystem with a business model developed in the held with the community members who will be direct beneficiaries. HNP uses three main drivers to create value that can be distributed as income and wealth to its members; personal natural resources, blockchain technology and community focused business architecture.

Personal natural resources; the HNP platform addresses extreme poverty through the personal natural resources (PNR) proprietary mining protocol PNR permits community members to turn pledges of time into a $2+ daily wage and/or equity wealth in the form of start-up investments. The pledges consist mostly of the following assignments: growing community, education and coaching, creating and sharing content, transactions with other ecosystems units, ecommerce, verifying identity, and scoring completed tasks.

How to participate

1, Register for draft and pledge 100hrs using this link

2, Complete your kyc qualification

3, Refer someone to the humanity node count using your referral link

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