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How VASE Ecosystem Solves the Issue of Scalability in the Crypto Space 



How VASE Ecosystem Solves the Issue of Scalability in the Crypto Space 
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Every brand or industry in today’s economy has been transformed by the blockchain sector. The way each sector interacts with one another has shifted dramatically. With the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is critical that every sector fully embraces blockchain. This, however, poses a problem for the crypto sector. 

One of these issues is the question of scalability. Scalability and interoperability have always been issues for blockchain technologies, particularly in the DeFi market. Several projects have been introduced into the crypto space claiming to solve the issue of stability, but only a few have been successful in doing so. So, how can the concerns of scalability, and interoperability in the blockchain space be addressed?

Introducing Vase Token

VASE is a decentralized community-based project that provides a diverse set of DeFi and NFT concepts to the blockchain ecosystem and promotes SMEs. Vasetoken believes that blockchain-based solutions increase transparency and enable transnational economic viability. Most importantly ensuring blockchain scalability.

The project is redefining wars and expanding the use cases for NFTs (borrowing and lending NFT collections/objects), attracting greater value and volume to the NFT ecosystem. The project’s goal is to build a framework that allows for widespread crypto adoption and everyday use. As a result, tools that assist SMEs in succeeding on the blockchain are being developed.

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VASE Ecosystem 

The VASE project’s purpose is to promote crypto adoption at the grassroots level. To achieve this, it has established an environment that allows for a variety of activities. The Vase E-commerce platform ensures that business and logistics transactions are conducted on the blockchain, and the Vase Token is used to pay for goods and services. The ecosystem ensures that Vase Token is used for basic business activities.

The VASE Grant empowers and finances viable projects that contribute to the blockchain ecosystem’s value and growth.

The NFT marketplace is another significant part of the Vase ecosystem. With the rapid acceptance of NFTs in recent months and the continued acceleration into the NFT arena, the project is poised at creating innovations that will boost the popularity of the NFT sector. The VASE NFT marketplace is a new generation non-fungible asset marketplace.

The VASE NFT marketplace will allow for the creation and exchange of digital assets in the form of NFTs. Art enthusiasts and the entire entertainment sector will be able to showcase and profit from their creative abilities.

The marketplace displays all its NFT collections. The Vase token will be used for the purchase of these collections.

The marketplace will also include digital properties or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that reflect real-world assets. Art curators all around the world will be able to source and secure rare art items through the VASE Marketplace and have them shipped to them if they so wish.

VASE Finance is another fantastic aspect of the Vase ecosystem. Vase Finance not only allows users to borrow and lend crypto tokens/assets, but it has also provided NFT borrowing and lending. This is done to allow DeFi and NFTs to communicate with one another.

How to Get a Share of Vase Token

Below are detailed steps on how to buy Vase tokens into your wallet. 

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet from the Google Play Store or Apple Store

Step 2: Create a new wallet and store your 12-word phrase. This phrase will help you recover your wallet anytime. 

Step 3: Buy BNB and fund your BSC wallet on Trust Wallet. You can buy BNB from any platform that supports p2p and crypto merchants or transfer BNB from any of your wallets to Trust Wallet.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to Pancakewap. Click on DApps and open Pancakeswap.

Step 5: Click on the swap button at the bottom and ensure that the slippage is at 10%. Select Smart Chain (BNB) at the top and VASE at the bottom. Then click swap

Find out more about Vase Token on CoinMarketCap. Be a part of the Vase Ecosystem. Follow VASE on Telegram and Twitter to stay updated with the latest developments in the VASE community. 

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