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How to Win a Brand New Kia Picanto on HaggleX Token Sales Promo



How to Win a Brand New Kia Picanto on HaggleX Token Sales Promo

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On the back of the recent ICO token launch, HaggleX is rolling out a referral program so that all users can earn too. Beginning today, they are introducing invites with bonuses. You can now win a free laptop or a Kia Picanto by inviting users to HaggleX platform.

Please note that to prevent abuse, each referral is required to get verified and purchase HAG tokens. In practice, this means your referral just needs to take a few seconds to verify their email address. At the end of the referral program, the user with the highest referrals wins a Kia Picanto.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1

Visit and click on the “Buy HAG Token” button located on the top of the screen.


Step 2

Sign-up and create an account if you do not have one

HaggleX Sign Up

Step 3

Verify your email via the verification link sent to your email. Login into your dashboard

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Step 4

Click on the “Buy Token Now” button on your dashboard, select your preferred currency for deposits and input the amount of HAG tokens you want to contribute.

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Step 5

A payment gateway will be generated for you. Select your preferred payment method with fiat or crypto. Then proceed to authenticate your transaction.

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Shortly after the deposit has been made, your dashboard balance will be displayed along with the total amount of HAG tokens you now own.

Step 6

Get your referral link from your dashboard and invite your friends and family to invest on the platform.

HaggleX Dashboard

The first account to reach 1000 referrals will be rewarded with a laptop. The highest referral at the end of the ICO will win the grand prize of a brand new Kia Picanto car.

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Watch how you can buy HAG tokens and earn from referrals.

You can stay up to date on what is going on with the ICO, token distribution and general details about the token allocation via any of our social media channels:


  1. User must have at least 5 HAG
  2. User must have completed KYC

Terms and conditions apply





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