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HaggleX Swap Is Live!!!




As I write this article now, we are up 138.98%, I think it’s okay to say this is one pleasant uptober.

HaggleX launched its swap feature yesterday, allowing users to swap different cryptocurrencies (a total of 8 cryptocurrencies are available to be swapped). Swapping is easy on the app, users are only expected to open any of their crypto wallets and access the swap feature from there.

Although, we all expected that we’d be able to swap our $HAG tokens too, but the HaggleX native token is excluded from the tokens available to be swapped. As one great mind in the community puts it ” Guys, I can understand why Hag token isn’t added in the swap. If it is added we might not really enjoy the hype that comes with listing on an exchange. So maybe the team has a proper arrangement to make sure investors benefit!”. I dare say that with a supportive community like HaggleX has, the best is yet to come.

lightblocks interest on btc

What hurt HaggleX caused by not letting us swap $HAG, was, however, made up for with a new update : Finger Biometrics!!!

According to IDEMIA, Fingerprint verification is not only seen as the most secure and most accurate form of biometrics but the most convenient as well. HaggleX now allows its users to access their app using fingerprint verification. Hurry now to download your app .

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