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HaggleX Swap Feature Launches Today



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HaggleX is a multi-currency blockchain based exchange system, built on the Binance smartchain network (BEP-20). It solves the problem of financial inclusion by offering users utility services. HaggleX uses some features of decentralized finance by allowing users save their digital assets and introducing staking features on its platform where over 10,000 altcoins would be allowed to be staked.

HaggleX intends to encourage mass adoption of the blockchain technology by ensuring that its fees are low and that its platform is user friendly. In line with achieving these objectives, HaggleX would be launching its swapping feature today.

Swapping is a feature that allows users to exchange one cryptocurrency for the equivalent value of another. With a swap feature, HaggleX would allow users to exchange their $HAG for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, USDT, TRON and BNB. The swap feature would be live on the HaggleX app today. If you’re yet to download the app, click here

Rapid developments have been recorded this month for HaggleX. Almost $10,000,000 has been processed on its platform in just this month. Progress reports on other functionalities of the app have been positive too. Remember the Save-to-win promo? Winners have been successively chosen since its inception.

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Also, news of its stake feature increases the HaggleX community’s expectancy. Price predictions of about $1000/1HAG have been speculated. The minimal to zero charges that users enjoy when transacting on the HaggleX platform goes to show that HaggleX provides utility and solutions in line with their aforementioned objectives.

Soon, the HaggleX swap feature will be launched and we’ll be back with another article on how to use it.

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