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HaggleX Records Over 90k Users In 48 Hours



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In 48 Hours, HaggleX has experienced a mind-blowing increase in its number of users and a correlated increase in its number of app downloads. The reason for the massive traffic being the launch of a new promo on Tuesday the 26th.
HaggleX announced its “Refer and Win” promo in the early hours of Tuesday evening. The promo allowed users share their referral links to refer new persons to sign up on the HaggleX platform. A successful sign up credited both the referrer and the referred $25 worth of $HAG tokens. The $25 is equivalent to AED92 and #13500 in both United Arab Emirates and Nigeria’s currencies respectively.

The tokens were withdrawable after the new user verified their KYC and completed 25 transactions on the app. The promo was full blown before 24 hours as HaggleX experienced a lot of traffic, more traffic than was planned for. According to HaggleX CEO, Mr Adebiyi Ayoyinka, the HaggleX app got over 60k new users in less than 24 hours, hence, two new servers had to be added.
The HaggleX app underwent constant upgrade yesterday in a bid to contain the inflow of users. Although, the development team worked tirelessly, new users beat them to it because right now there are over 90k users, causing a serious lag in the smooth functioning of the app.

The promo was paused today because the development team had more upgrading to do. Indeed it has been an Uptober to remember,makes one wonder what Moonvember brings, lol!

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