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HaggleX Launches Pre-token Sale




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HaggleX the revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange built on third generational blockchain has launched a private sale of its native cryptocurrency HAG.

HAG token is the utility token of the HaggleX exchange and would be used as a transaction token for services offered on by the exchange.  Holders can also stake HAG tokens for rewards on the platform.

HaggleX has allocated 50,000 HAG tokens for the pre-sale ICO and each token is valued at $0.80 per unit. This is a discount of 20% as after the pre-sale ICO, the main ICO will be launched where each the remaining 500,000 tokens will be available at $1 per unit.

Investors can purchase HAG tokens using Naira,US Dollars, USDT,BTC,ETH,TRX,BCH, and XLM. Tokens will be released to buyers wallets immediately after the ICO and can be exchanged on the HaggleX

HaggleX pre-sale ICO is expected to run for a month (October 16-Novemeber 16) and there is a lot of excitement from the crypto community about the project.

To partake in the ICO all you need to do is to click the ICO registration link and input your details.

About HaggleX


HaggleX is a multi-currency blockchain-based exchange, that offers secure global cryptocurrency peer to peer trading, lending and borrowing (DeFi) environment.

The cryptocurrency platform enables users to exchange crypto assets on its trading platform, pay for bills, and stake cryptocurrencies.  It also offers a unique decentralized voting system which can be used by different institutions to carry out transparent electoral process using its smart contract technology.

HaggleX is one of the first African crypto projects that is built with core financial services as its aims.

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Trade on ftx, lightblocks media

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