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HaggleX Introduces BitSave- An Easy Way to Save and Earn



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HaggleX still in the ICO stage is set to launch the HaggleX App which enables users earn, save and spend crypto on utilities.

Imagine being able to pay your light bill with Hag and other Crypto Currencies. One of the most popular and functional features in the HaggleX ecosystem is the BitSave Feature.

BitSave helps you create a savings plan and save monthly, quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually in crypto! Imagine Saving now to have your first 1 BTC by December 2021 with a 20% APY. And using an App that instils the discipline to do so (you can break your savings at a % fee)

Trust me, there couldn’t be a better January for a year such as 2021. Most persons have lost 2020 to
the cold arms of Covid 19, but here is a great way to recover and restore your financial balance.

HaggleX launches on play store and App Store on the 11th of January.

Years ago bitcoin came like a completely new commodity in the market of our minds and those who held on to it can testify
today. Some persons missed getting in on Bitcoin and it could be the lack of the ability to save in cryptocurrency, a lot of people saved in the ₦ but, we know how inflation has changed the story.

BitSave by HaggleX is here to help.

Our schedule for the 11th of January is properly outlined.

  • [ ] Download the HaggleX app
  • [ ] Create an account and fund it
  • [ ] Create a BitSave savings plan and Fund it.
  • [ ] Watch your finances beat the inflation.

With Bitsave, you cab:
-Save for anything, even a PS5
-Save in the currency of tomorrow.
-And save in crypto.

The most stress free way to make money is with wisdom. Join the revolution by signing up today and purchasing your first HAG tokens.

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