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HaggleX Fan Art Competition



HaggleX Fan Art Competition

HaggleX will be kicking off a weekly fan art contest today as an initiative for the artists in our digital space. The winner gets 25 $HAG and will be featured on HaggleX social media page.

The topic for this week’s art will be “The Future Of Finance

You can create any type of artwork (abstract, portrait, etc.) to express yourself but mind you, the HaggleX logo must also be in the drawing/design as well.

  1. Create an artwork with HaggleX logo in it (any medium is accepted)
  2. Follow HaggleX on Instagram and Twitter
  3. Tag HaggleX in your official post
  4. Download and sign up on the HaggleX app and put your #HaggleX username in the fanart post description.
  5. Put hashtags #hagglex #hagglexart #hagglexnft #bitcoin

And you’re set. Please note that you will have to complete all the steps to be fully eligible for the prize.

The post with the most engagement will be the winner. Deadline is on Sunday by 6 pm WAT.

P.S This competition is exclusive to Instagram and Twitter only.

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