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Just last month, HaggleX launched a refer and win promo that acquired it over 50k new users in less than 24 hours. This caused a serious lag on the smooth functionality of the app and caused users a lot of discomfort.

Upgrades on the app were continuous as the dev team tried to fix bugs, verify KYC, ensure seamless transactions and accommodate new users. Major complain from users was the inability to carry out transactions on the app due to pending KYC verification.

The CEO of HaggleX, Mr Adebiyi Ayoyinka explained (and I quote) “We received more than 60,000 kyc entries, compliance needs some time to approve accordingly. Pls exercise little more patient. Thanks” but user experience was not improved and waiting for pending KYC to be verified was not helping.

To ensure users satisfaction, daily withdrawal limits were adjusted to $2000 per day for accounts that have not completed Basic Account Verification. This change was effective immediately for new and existing users.

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Users are however encouraged to complete their KYC to increase their daily transaction limit. Withdrawal limits, however, refresh after 24 hours. With the minimal to zero fees charged by the HaggleX platform, it is highly advisable to use it for all your Crypto transactions.

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