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Genesis: Why we built HaggleX



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About HaggleX , is it a wallet ?

Well, HaggleX is a  movement that seeks to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency possibilities to the African Market/people, and yes, it has a wallet.

Between 2016 and 2019, I served as an ambassador to so many projects, and as an ambassador,  I had direct interaction with users and I sure do know what they need and I can tell you most of those needs I observed over years are yet to be solved. 

Also as an in-depth blockchain enthusiast who reads a lot about ethereum, bitcoin, eos etc,  I’ve observed that cryptocurrency is beyond sending and receiving (also buying and selling).

There are unlimited use cases of blockchain technology and those use cases are yet to be tapped in Africa. The top important things I’ve been reading about blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2016 until now will be packed into 1 platform, powered by 1 cryptocurrency.  Yes, I know 1 platform can’t solve all problems,  so we have picked the key areas to solve with our platform,  they include: 

  • Wallet: Non-custodian and custodian OTC (custodian already built)
  • Defi: to access this defi, users would need HAG token
  • Voting app: 2 years ago I wrote an article on how to solve election problems with blockchain. Since then, it has been a burden and HaggleX platform will provide thIs service as a stand-alone. The Voting dapp will be free to use, but users must stake HAG tokens before they can use it and after use, they can unstake. We already have ambassadors in well over 10 countries (I’m not exaggerating) willing to test this solution in their universities. 
  • Node rewards for Dpos and Pos chains: for a long time, we’ve been focused on POW, which is expensive to run, but most Africans don’t participate in block rewards from dpos and its TROUBLING why Africans don’t bother about these chains, all you need is staked coins and some good hardware. There are tons of ways it can benefit us and our platform will help Africans participate without the need of having technical knowledge, all you’ll need is the HAG token.
  • Decentralised crowdfunding with BITCOIN, EOS & ETH: if you’ve been in the African crypto space since 2016, should be aware that we started the first official move in the use of cryptocurrency for charity donations and we built humane (we are yet to renew SSL) for private use. Now humane will be open for anyone to use for raising funds with no fees, all you need is some staked HAG tokens.
  • Crypto piggybank: this particular feature has been a huge need for the African community. after making my video “Make #Bitcoin Your New Piggy Bank“, I got lost of request to help people save their crypto. this request has been solved with HaggleX platform.

Why should you buy Hag token?

Hag token gives you access to earn on HaggleX platform. With our unique token economics and Blockchain infrastructure,  Hag token will bring a wide range of benefits (both in price and use case) to its holders. 

Why HaggleX ICO

Below is a review of the HaggleX app after its 3rd internal testing:

Buy HaggleX coin here

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