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Gamic Guild: Why You Should Join Africa’s Biggest Play To Earn Guild.

Gamic Guild is Africa’s fastest-growing Blockchain gaming community.



Gamic Guild UI

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Gamic Guild recently made it to the finals at the Metacon event in Dubai. This was a huge recognition for the African blockchain Play-to-earn startup.

The Metacon Event is the first-ever metaverse into reality pop culture convention and it was held in Dubai.

According to a report, the global video game market size is expected to grow annually by 12.9% from 2022 to 2030. And by extension, that means that the Play-to-earn industry would continue to grow around the world.

Gamic aims to drive the adoption of Play-to-earn games in the society~ from Nigeria to the rest of the world.

In this article, we’ll highlight:

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  • What is Gamic Guild?
  • What you should know about the Gamic Guild platform?
  • How to earn from the Gamic Guild platform?
  • What you need to start gaming.
  • How many Gamic Guild games can I play?
  • Is Gamic Guild legit?

What Is Gamic Guild?

Gamic Guild is the biggest gaming organization in Africa. 

Founded in 2021, by Chike Okonkwo, Ukeme Okuku, Ferdinand Adimefe, and Michael Anyi, the guild has built a community of over 29,000 persons and 7,500 active gamers across social media and discord in such a short time. 

There are also over 7000 active gamers in its ecosystem.

Gamic is building an all-inclusive platform for gamers where they can play Blockchain-powered games to earn rewards.

In their words:

 Gamic Guild envisions a society where families can earn passive income from gaming.

The Guild

The Guild has eight (8) games on its platform, at the time of writing. These games range from free-to-play games to non-fungible token-based games.

They partner with different gaming platforms to achieve this, including games like Ark Rivals, XEND Finance, Angelic the Game, etc. 

In an interview with Nairametrics, Co-founder of Gamic Guild, Mr. Chike Okonkwo said:

Gamic Guild genuinely teaches individuals about crypto games and provides them with everything they need to get started playing games and earning NFTs or any other tokens for additional money. Gamic is composed of roughly two key components: the guild and the infrastructure.

cofounder, gamic guild

He further explained that ‘on the guild side, we expose gamers to these games, train them to improve their skills, and also give them the NFT required to play. They earn money in this manner. While we’re at it, we’re constructing a guild infrastructure that guilds may utilize to manage their players. Currently, guilds all around the world use spreadsheets to manage their members’ activities, which may be very tedious, which is why we’re developing the infrastructure that will make this process much easier.’

What You Should Know About The Gamic Guild Platform

  1. The Gamic platform is decentralized.

This means that gamers can use the platform without any third-party interference.

  1. The Guild educates its community.

Gamic Guild is intent on teaching Africans and users about their platform. They do this by providing onboarding processes and allowing gamers to play in groups as a team.

  1. Gamic Guild offers scholarships.

To encourage everyone to play, the Guild provides scholarship opportunities to players. This helps users to play and earn without breaking the bank.

  1. You can earn additional income from renting.

Gamic allows its community to earn more rewards by renting their NFTs to players through their (Gamic Guild) staking pool.

  1. The platform is unrestricted.

Are you from Australia, Asia, America, Europe, etc? You can still play to earn on the Gamic platform, there are no restrictions.

  1. Gamic has a marketplace.

The Guild is highly innovative and has built a platform where users can trade their NFTs. You can trade NFTs on different blockchain platforms.

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How To Earn From Gamic Guild.

To earn from Gamic, there are some steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Join the Discord community.
  • Next, Step 2: Click on the apply channel found under the guild membership category and read through the information carefully.
  • Step 3: Click on the snow emoji to get assigned an interviewing role.
  • Move to Step 4: Download the official guild game Thetan arena. It’s available on ios & android.
  • Finally, Step 5: Create an account and start playing to move up the ranks – that’s how you earn money.

After download, All newly onboarded gamic players who joined are required to use an email of their choice to play the game. A code from the game will be sent to your email, insert it and begin gaming.

Once you get promoted to the Novel Role, you are qualified to start earning a weekly bonus (~$18). As you upgrade to the Free-Range Role, you can begin to earn up to $2,000.

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What You Need To Start Gaming

The Guild is a seamless and easy-to-use platform. All you need to start gaming is:

  1. A smartphone or laptop.
  1. Internet connection
  1. Time to spare playing games

How Many Gamic Guild Games Can I Play?

At the moment, there are eight (8) available games for players. They are:

Axie Infinity

Guild of guardians

Thetan Arena

Ark Rivals

Legends of Mitra


Infinity Skies

Blast Royale

Is Gamic Guild Legit?

Last month, Binance Labs announced that it has accepted the Guild into its Incubation program. 

Binance Labs is the venture capital arm of the top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, and it aims to support and help build impactful projects.

The acceptance of Gamic Guild into the incubation program shows the credibility of the blockchain startup.

Venture capitalists would generally do in-depth research on their project of choice. In that regard, Binance Labs’ acceptance to provide funding, PR, marketing, legal advice, and business development strategies for the Guild shows that they consider it viable and has high potential.


Gamic Guild is revolutionizing the play-to-earn industry in Africa. A vast majority of the African population uses the internet but not many have learned to earn using their devices. Gamic presents a fun and interesting way to drive this adoption.

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