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Five Ways MSMEs Will Transform Small Businesses



Five Ways MSMEs Will Transform Small Businesses

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If you have been aware of cryptocurrencies in the past years, you have likely heard the term ‘’blockchain’’ in the news and in casual conversations. Blockchain is basically a decentralized way of making transactions without the requirements of a middle man. 

Blockchain has transformed different sectors, and MSMEs is introducing this concept within the micro, small and medium business sectors. 


Here are five ways MSMEs improve small businesses.

  • Improved Cash Flow System. MSMEs provides a unique ecosystem with applications that businesses can deploy within their systems for efficient cash flow. Businesses can accept cryptocurrencies and join next-gen financial systems while enjoying low transaction fees and faster confirmation times on transactions. 
  • More Earning Opportunites: The concept of cryptocurrencies was to increase the earning potentials of the average user, and MSMEs extend this to business. It has developed a unique marketing structure called MSMEs Network that incentivizes users to promote its ecosystem products. Businesses can sign-up to become Network participants and promote MSMEs services in return for rewards in MSMECOIN. This represents a combination of active and passive income for businesses. 
  • Fewer Intermediaries to Deal With: Many small businesses face the problems of reduced revenue due to high transaction fees and commissions from third-party payment platforms. MSMEs eliminates this problem since it is built on blockchain technology. As a result, transactions within its ecosystem are automated, and businesses keep a larger share of their revenue than traditional platforms. 
  • Transparency and Accountability: MSMEs is a truly transparent blockchain-based ecosystem. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be accessed at any time, ensuring greater accountability. The token distribution of MSMECOIN is also designed to ensure that all products within the MSMEs ecosystem can thrive and provide great value for small and medium enterprises. 
  • Easier Access to Financing: Access to funding is usually cited as a major problem for small businesses due to the high credit requirements of traditional financial institutions. MSMEs provides a platform for businesses to connect to investors without the obstacles in the conventional banking system. Its Truss product offers seamless access to finance while ensuring the security of investors and businesses that receive investments. 

MSMEs: A Fast-growing Ecosystem

You can become a part of MSMEs by holding the MSMECOIN. MSMECOIN is the utility token of MSMEs and will have multiple use-cases that will drive its value. The token is relatively cheap to buy and has been listed on several platforms, including Coinsbit, Klever wallet, and PancakeSwap. 

It is not too late to join the business blockchain ecosystem. Buy MSMECOIN today on PancakeSwap and Coinsbit.

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