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Exciting Blockchain Projects in 2020



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Each year, hundreds of new companies discover and encourage blockchain engagements. In addition, many blockchain start-ups around the world try to be “Next Bitcoin” in other industries. 

Unfortunately, many blockchain start-ups fail for several reasons. However, a  significant number of companies have successfully utilized the functions of blockchain technology through amazing projects.  In this article, we look at four amazing projects that have caught the eye in recent times.

Medicalchain Blockchain Platform

Medicalchain is a blockchain platform for storing patients’ information in a single reality document. The platform helps various organizations and professionals, clinics, pharmacists, insurance providers, and other entities to serve their functions properly. Medicalchain will help the health industry save over $150 million on the cost of IT, support function, and staff costs by 2025. 

Mobile Go Blockchain Gaming Platform

MobileGo establishes itself as an excellent tool for gamers, allowing them to purchase in-game applications through a token. It is the world’s first crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store. As a result, many gamers are able to use tokens to purchase game functions without linking the game to their credit cards. 

Blockchain Projects in 2020

Chronicled Supply Chain Project

Chronicled is a supply chain network that combines the Internet of things (IoT) and blockchain in supporting supply chain and logistics activities. It not only strengthens the sector, but the platform is also able to automate product traceability. This has helped in increasing such things as the efficiency of transactions. Chronicled also partnered pharmaceuticals to develop MediLedger. Mediledger is a broad drug monitoring network on a blockchain, where any party has access to all purchases during the delivery of drugs and other medicinal products.


Brave is the world’s first blockchain-powered internet browser. According to Brave’s developers, their main aim is to make web surfing cool again. As a result, Brave was developed to stop web companies from extracting personal and company data from customers.

Brave offers a massive array of tools to support an enjoyable browsing experience. For one, it uses the ad blockers off the next generation called Brave Shields to stop Internet users from revealing themselves. The private browsing mode in Brave is also unique because it secures the web by running sessions on several servers before reaching your real destination. The purpose of this is to hide the position and other user data.

There are quite a number of other blockchain projects that may not be transforming the environment but have the power to change several sectors with their ideas. Regardless, everyone will benefit from the block chain themselves and that makes this technology even more fascinating.

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