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Earn up to $500 as a Crypto Educator in the #MyBinanceClass Event



Earn up to $500 as a Crypto Educator in the #MyBinanceClass Event

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Binance is launching a program called #MyBinanceClass. This is a first-of-its-kind event that offers teachers an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts to spread knowledge about crypto and blockchain to everyone. The #MyBinanceClass event aims to decentralize and provide comprehensive crypto education by creating smaller learning communities. Binance has provided a reward pool of $50,000 for this event, which will be held over the next 60 days.

Any crypto educator with an extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency can participate. Binance urges all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community leaders to become mentors, organize events and earn up to $500 per event.

Below is detailed information about the rating of events and the corresponding rewards that can be given based on the ratings of those events.


0-29 Points $30
30-49 Points $50
50-69 Points$100
70-79 Points$150
80-89 Points$200
90-100 PointsOver $200
#MyBinanceClass Grade Points

However, to get started, all interested trainers will complete the application test. All tutors must have a full and valid Binance account with KYC. The approved instructor must observe the training course and carefully read onboarding documents.

Each trainer can organize a maximum of two events during the activity period. Also, crypto educators should submit the results of the event using the submission guidelines.

Rewards for all activities performed and submitted before October 23rd will be paid out before October 31st. For any event that takes place after October 23, the awards will be distributed before December 31.

Binance Influencing Crypto Education in Africa with #MyBinanceClass

Binance values crypto education in Africa and around the world. The dissemination of information plays a key role in promoting financial freedom. This year alone Binance has brought valuable information and information about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to thousands of people in Africa through educational activities, AMA and Binance Masterclass activities.

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