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If you’re concerned about hyperinflation, deficiencies of the banks, cryptocurrencies are a good place to start building a stable financial journey. Because of its limited supply and censorship-resistant nature, Bitcoin has been dubbed “digital gold” by many investors.

Another incentive to invest in cryptocurrencies is the need for a long-term, trustworthy store of value with little chance of manipulation by centralized bodies. Dissimilar to traditional money, the majority of cryptocurrencies have a finite supply that is controlled by mathematical algorithms.

Bitcoin has outperformed all other asset classes by at least a factor of 100x. According to Charlie Bilello, CEO and creator of Compound Capital Advisors, who used data from Ycharts to create the best asset class performances. Since 2011, the cumulative profits in BTC amount to a massive 200000000%.

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Don’t be worried anymore If you missed the bitcoin train, we can help you earn even more BITCOIN, ETH, BNB, USDT HAG etc by saving your assets on the HaggleX wallet. On your Crypto, you can earn 21% interest  In three simple steps:

  • Create an account on the hagglex app 
  • Click wallet  make deposit .
  • Click “make a savings” and then “save.”
  • Fill in the relevant details for either flexible or fixed savings programs.

How does HaggleX savings work?

In the haggleX app, there are basically two types of savings plans:

1. Flexible savings: This savings plan allows you to set up automatic daily savings in any of the listed coins on HaggleX wallet. Flexible savings offers no interest and can be discontinued at any time for a 5% cancellation charge.

2. Fixed savings: Fixed savings allows you to save manually and earn up to 21% annual percentage yield (APY) or interest on your crypto asset(s). Fixed Savings plans are available for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months options, and they cannot be terminated until the stated savings time reaches.

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