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‘Earn’ — CoinMarketCap Launches a Coinbase-like Education Rewards program



Earn — CoinMarketCap launches educational rewards program

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CoinMarketCap is a Binance-owned crypto market news and data provider and has currently launched an education rewards program called Earn. Earn is a Coinbase-like education program that allows users to view Blockchain supported projects like educational videos, quizzes, and earn rewards at the end. A total of $160,000 worth of BAND tokens are available for the Earn program. These BAND tokens are supported by a cross-chain data oracle provider with the support of Binance and Sequoia Capital.

Earn- CoinMarketCap Launches Educational Rewards Program

A spokesperson from CoinMarketCap also disclosed that the program would host two projects per month. The duration of each project campaign is eight days, with a certain amount of tokens on offer. There are also restrictions on participation. Users from the U.S, and mainland China are not allowed to participate in the CoinMarketCap Earn. However, the Coinbase crypto exchange also operates an “Earn” program that is available for U.S residents. The reward program currently supports six crypto assets, including XLM, ZEC, BAT, ZRX, EOS, and DAI.

How to participate in CoinMarketCap Earn

Step 1: Create an Account and Enter CoinMarketCap Earn

Once you have made your CoinMarketCap account, move over to the new CoinMarketCap Earn product and see what educational campaigns are currently live. The duration for each campaign is already specified above, and each CMC user that successfully completes a quiz about the crypto asset will receive a predetermined amount of that asset. This allows a user to not only learn about an asset but also to interact with it.

Step 2: Pick a Campaign

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The first cryptoasset to launch an educational campaign is Band Protocol, a cross-chain data oracle that enables the connection between real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Once you select a campaign, you will see different short videos about that crypto asset. Endeavour to watch them. They contain essential information that will come up in the quiz.

Earn — CoinMarketCap Educational Rewards Program

Step 3: Enjoy the Benefits of Your Newfound Crypto Knowledge

Now that you know a crypto asset, it’s time to take a small quiz to test your capacity. You can only take the quiz once, so make sure that you are prepared.

Showcasing the Crypto Revolution

Providing an educational platform to teach CoinMarketCap users about cryptoassets will help increase the level of knowledge about the crypto industry. This, in turn, supports the goal of developing the crypto industry. CoinMarketCap Earn will also include more crypto project campaigns and even add more videos and quizzes in no distant time.

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