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A new smart solution to public transportation, DRYVA, has been unveiled in Uyo on Monday, June 1, 2020.

“DRYVA is a safe, secure and cashless means of transportation”, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Nkereuwem Eniang said while addressing selected members of the press during the unveiling.

The outbreak of CORONA VIRUS (code-named COVID 19) has changed the way things are done around the world. All aspects of human endeavours have witnessed an overhaul and the transport sector is not left out; the pandemic has thus created an urgent need to ensure secure and safer methods for people to commute to their various destinations, without physical contacts” his speech partly reads.

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Our motivation is the need to ensure the safety of our loved ones when they commute in public transportation and to expedite the process of going cashless in line with the CBN cashless policy act in this digital age

Eniang reiterated.

DRYVA runs online and offline at designated points across the state capital. Passengers can book weekly or monthly affordable trips around the metropolis and board mini buses using a smart card devices.

In company of his team, the inventor took his guests on a tour of DRYVA buses and facilitated interaction with some drivers on ground who have signed up on the DRYVA platform.

The CEO also expressed special thanks to the various companies; Enelec Gs, Youwin (the initiatives of the Federal Government) Shareholders, Krysima Projecti, Lead Lending & GALE Multimedia.

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