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Double Your Profits by Trading cryptocurrency and Gift cards on Okex



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Crypto Raffle Draw

Recent reports by Decrypt showed that more than $14 million in Bitcoin was traded across platforms like Paxful. Google trends have also revealed a high interest in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin search from Nigeria. It’s obvious that the African youth population has increased interest in cryptocurrency trading. Among the many factors contributing to this interest is the desire for opportunities to make a profit from cryptocurrency. Crypto trading may be the most popular opportunity amongst Nigerian youths but many still lack adequate skills and knowledge about trading.  

It’s profitable but a little profit in the market

The average Paxful trader makes 2,000-5,000 Naira profit in a trade. This profit comes with the risk of being scammed in the transactions. The P2P crypto trading business also doesn’t benefit from the fluctuation in Bitcoin price which presents a lot of opportunities. And most of them lack enough capital to scale.  

There is a similar scenario in crypto-to-fiat trades. Millions of trades happen in WhatsApp groups by exchanging the Bitcoin to Naira everyday with less than 2% profit. Is this true crypto trading? I would say that these traders are money exchangers. The above categories make up the majority traders in Africa, but are they true crypto traders. 

How to be a profitable crypto trader

Since 2011, most of the financial investments and derivatives have been introduced to crypto tradings. 

Learning from the best is one shortcut to  success. OKEx,  founded in 2013, as one of the largest crypto exchanges who is compliant in the US, EU and other regions, is willing to take up the public responsibility to provide professional and free education to all crypto believers. 

OKEx is working on a program to provide free and systematic crypto trading education to the public with the Trading Masters in Africa. The Trading Masters are the most influential crypto analysts, traders and mentors, who have years of experience on crypto and trading. They have the same vision to educate the public as OKEx. 

The class is a series of 4 sessions covering crypto fundamentals, exchange tutorials, trading skills, and trading practices. The programs are all free and professional. It doesn’t matter if you are new to trading or a veteran. By joining this program, you are set to make more profit. 

How To be Profitable in Bear and Bull Market

According to Samuel Joseph (aka samstickkz) , it’s very possible to make profits when the prices are going up and when it is crashing down. This can only be done after going through our crypto mastery course or attending the Okex Trading Session on the 13th of June 2020 by 10 am GMT +1. This training session will be the beginning of a series of lectures to help you get started on OKEx.

In the course, you will learn the following:

  1. How to make money in bear and bull season
  2. How to analyse charts
  3. How to use trading indicators
  4. How to use Okex exchange

To join the trading session, join the group here and create an Okex account here.

Meeting Details:

Topic: How to Double Your Profits by Trading cryptocurrencies and Gift cards on Okex

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 327 328 1300

Password: 172674

Exclusive Reward by buying Bitcoin in OKEx with Paxful 

Paxful has successfully integrated with OKEx to provide a service to buy bitcoin with over 100 payment methods, for example bank transfer and mobile wallet, also the popular gift cards like  itunes, Google Play, Steam. 

During the period, any user signed up with the OKEx partner referral link will have the opportunity to win a trading reward if you buy BTC in OKEx with Paxful service. To check the details with your OKEx partners. 

join the whatsapp group here:

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