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Decentralized Platform, Everest, Announces Upcoming IDO for Investors



Decentralized Platform, Everest, Announces Upcoming IDO for Investors
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The transport sector is at the beginning of a period of significant disruption, with new technologies, products, and services fundamentally shifting customer expectations and opportunities. The last decade has seen the introduction of mobility as a service with platforms such as Everest.

Everest, a decentralized mobility-as-a-service platform built on the Algorand blockchain that supplies urban transportation and logistics is set to launch its Initial DEX offering on the 20th of April 2022.

An IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering) is a crypto token offering that is run on a decentralized exchange (DEX) which gives users the liberty to lock funds in exchange for tokens,(our $EVR in this case).

The private sale starts from the 20th of April to the 26th of April with the $EVR selling at 1Algo for 74.62 $EVR. The minimum purchase for the private sale is 100 Algo. Then the Public sale runs from the 27th of April to the 4th of May with the minimum purchase of 25 Algo.

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Everest is a blockchain-based decentralized mobility-as-a-service platform that provides urban transportation and logistics. Everest is developing an ecosystem to expand the transportation and logistics businesses on a decentralized blockchain network. Its primary goal is to assist the growth of the transportation and logistics sectors in Africa and beyond.

The transportation industry, like any other, has seen technological advancements. These changes have also created new challenges for the transportation industry. The challenges in the transportation sector have resulted in rising rates and poor service, leaving some stakeholders dissatisfied.

Expensive ride fares, a lack of administration, and excessive operating costs are just a few examples. Another significant difficulty has been the consistent increase in commission fees. Over the years, ride-sharing platforms have steadily increased the commissions they charge drivers. This has had a severe impact on drivers since some find it difficult to meet the costs of automobile fuel and maintenance while also remitting a considerable portion of their earnings to the firms.

As a result, Everest has devised a solution that will benefit all ecosystem players. Powered by blockchain technology, the Everest platform employs smart contracts, distributed ledger technology, and a transparent mechanism that ensures service efficiency. The protocol is designed to link drivers, riders, and other stakeholders, resulting in a tokenized economy of services and goods.

The services include decentralized ride-sharing, where you can order a ride at your convenience. Additionally, you can travel within and across cities through inter-city ride services.

Members of the public now have the opportunity to invest in the project by participating in its upcoming IDO.

How to Participate in the Everest IDO

Follow the steps to successfully participate in Everest IDO;

Download an Algorand Wallet on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Create an account and remember to keep your passphrase and passcodes safe and away from privy eyes. 

Algorand Wallet

Fund your wallet with Algos by clicking the yellow “buy Algo” icon. You’ll be redirected to a platform where you can purchase Algos, following a few steps. As at the time of writing this press release, an Algo is worth $0.76.

Once your Algo wallet has been funded, you return to the wallet and add Everest to your wallet with the asset ID. To do this, you click on the “Add New Asset” icon and type in “Everest” on the search bar. or type in our access ID: 685787385. Click on EVR to add it to your wallet, for 0.201 Algos only.

Adding Everest $EVR to Algo Wallet

Visit the Everest website and click on the ‘Buy $EVR’ icon. You’ll immediately be redirected to the 100pay platform. You can click on this link to access it directly. 

Click the blue ‘connect to a wallet’ icon and click the first if you’re using a system or the second if you’re using a mobile phone.

Buy Everest $EVR token

You’ll be redirected to your Pera app (Algo wallet) and it will request permission to connect 100pay to your wallet. Click on it to be connected. Return to the previous page and you’ll notice the blue icon has changed from ‘Connect to a wallet’ to ‘Buy x EVR’. And on the top right, your wallet address has appeared.

Buy Everest $EVR token

In the left column, you type in the amount of Algos you’d want to exchange for $EVR. Then you click the blue “Buy *** EVR” icon below. Immediately, you’ll be redirected to your Pera app, (Algo wallet) requesting you to confirm the transaction.

(If it’s over 5 seconds and you haven’t been redirected to your wallet, you can just open the wallet directly and approve the transaction). Immediately you approve it, your $EVR tokens will be automatically deposited in your wallet.

Follow Everest on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram to stay updated on its latest developments and announcements.

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