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CyberVein (CVT) has Become a Role Model for the Korean Blockchain Market



CyberVein (CVT) has Become a Role Model for the Korean Blockchain Market

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CyberVein (CVT) makes data valuable. They particularly emphasized that data usage rights and data protection can only be exercised fairly and effectively if ownership has been confirmed.

Cyber​​Vein focuses on connecting data in the business world. Their job is to solve problems to create a real, trustworthy and efficient enterprise-level big data platform to improve real world economic capacity and achieve more data usage and monetization at a lower cost. Their main job is to make data credible and usable while making it really valuable.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cybervein (CVT) are working in a range of areas like data security, information Silo, ownership, Low efficiency, privacy and monetization.”

Cyber ​​Vein claims that four core products are capable of creating value independently through various functional attributes. Also, they must point out that the overall system, which can be connected in series, offers a more comprehensive big data solution. This ultimately provides a business benefit for the application and ultimately creates an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain.

PISR database data management, data analysis of computing power, data storage in the DAG storage chain and common monetization of learning data are her main focuses.


Cyber​​Vein claims they are reshaping decentralized databases as well as privacy and monetization capabilities.

It is helpful to understand the CVT PDP protocol for verifying data integrity. It’s worth noting that CVT is an overseas blockchain demonstration project in South Korea recognized by former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming.

CVT was officially involved in building smart cities as a Korean blockchain demonstration project. In the end, CVT received the attention and recognition of several politicians and high-ranking officials, including former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming of South Korea. This is possible through our own sophisticated smart city solutions and some implementation cases. They have become role models for the Korean blockchain market.

CyberVein (CVT) co-sponsored World Blockchain Summit 2020

CyberVein is also a co-sponsor and participated in the 10th World Blockchain Summit 2020-Seoul Miracle on October 20, 2020, jointly hosted by Seoul, Busan and Jeju City.

Entrepreneurs, developers, investors and experts who have contributed to leading the global blockchain and AI industry will attend the conference.

Judging by the flow and development of events, it is clear that cyberspace will continue to make more contributions to Korea.

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