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Cryptocurrency is the second most owned asset among women



crypto is the second most owned asset among women
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Women still do not own traditional assets due to a lack of widespread adoption, but this is not the case with cryptocurrency, according to an eToro analysis. According to the “Retail Investor Beat” study, cryptocurrencies are the second most owned asset by women behind fiat currency or cash.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency had its worst year in 2022, with overall worldwide ownership growing from 36% to 39% in a quarter, female adoption of this asset class increased significantly.

According to the survey, the percentage of females who own digital assets increased from 29% in the third quarter of 2022 to 34% in the fourth quarter. This suggests that at some point, women may have found it more logical to invest in or own cryptocurrency rather than traditional financial assets.

The eToro team questioned nearly 10,000 global retail investors in 13 different countries before publishing the research. The results of the survey, which showed that women are more likely to own cryptocurrencies, were also highlighted.

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Contrarily, men have hardly grown their ownership of cryptocurrencies compared to women, with a 1% growth in male ownership throughout the aforementioned time period.

Women owning more digital assets only serves as evidence that traditional financial markets have not done a better job of including women. The key motivation for individuals considering investing in cryptocurrencies is to get better profits in less time.

Some have also expressed optimism in the power of blockchain, believing that cryptocurrency has the potential to be a transformative asset class in the future. And for others who have avoided investing in cryptocurrency, the perceived risks and volatility associated with the market are the driving forces behind their decision.


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