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Crypto Ladies League Organizes Her First Online Blockchain Event to Celebrate International Women’s Day



Crypto Ladies League Organizes Her First Online Blockchain Event to Celebrate International Women's Day
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A disruptive technology known as the blockchain has been all over the place in recent times and it’s believed to be capable of transforming almost every sector and it is thrilled to be part of it.

Crypto Ladies league, a group of ladies in the blockchain space  will be having their first online blockchain event which will connect women across and beyond Africa. This event is to mark International Women’s Day.

This program will be held for 3 days and its theme is ” Women in the Emerging Blockchain Industry”. The sole aim of this event is to create awareness about the emerging technology, encourage digital skills and increase the number of females present in the blockchain space.

The event will be hosted by Success Ihumeziem (Suçhie) the HBA of Yellow Card, Prudence Chioma, Media Manager of Crypto Bootcamp Community, Ukaegbu Illumina, OAP, Viewers’ TV Abuja, Faith Aimo, Communication Strategist, BitcoinKE, and many others. 

Crypto Discussion Group

This is an online event which starts today being the 8th of March 2022  and ends on the 10th of Abuja, the time the program starts each day is 5pm.

This event will grace powerful women present in the space. It will entail educational conversation and a panel session which will: 

  • Educate people about the blockchain industry.
  • Throw more light on the required skills to have in the space.
  • Encourage more ladies to become actively involved in the ecosystem.
  • Provide more opportunities that will benefit women.
  • Inspire ladies to build on the blockchain and become an authority in the space.

Below are the speakers of the event:

  • Olga Yorashevsky – Head of Content Strategy, NexChange Group.
  • Teresa Chan – Women-in-Tech Advocate
  • Roselyn Wanjiru- Lead On-Chain Analyst.
  • Yvonne Kagondu- Blockchain Business Consultant at
  • Yaliwe Soko – Chairwoman, United Africa Blockchain Association.
  • Faith Aimoi – Communications Strategist, BitcoinKE.
  • Timileyin Soyemi – Comms/PR Manager, Bundle.
  • Odinakachukwu Igwe – Trader and Customer Support.
  • Chidubem Emelumadu – PR & Comms, Binance.

About Crypto Ladies League

Crypto Ladies League represents an association of women in the blockchain industry seeking to create an ecosystem that connects women within and beyond the borders of Africa in the tech space, promote the awareness of crypto, and also foster mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and its numerous use cases. 

Women from all around the world can interact and build a sustainable network that explores the potentials of blockchain and decentralized finance.

The League was established in March 2021, by Obinna Iwuno, founder of Africa’s leading blockchain community– Crypto Bootcamp, Executive Secretary of the Stakeholders Association of Nigeria [SiBAN] and an expert with dexterity in the crypto & blockchain field who is oriented towards facilitating digital education that appeals to all strata of society.


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  • Blockbuild
  • Convexity
  • SiBAN
  • Utafiti
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  • LightBlocks Media

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Register here for the event:

Media Contact:

Prudence Chioma — +234 806 777 8544; [email protected]

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