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Creator of EOS and CTO of Block one Quits his role as CTO



EOS, a dream project of has seen so many criticisms over the past couple of years, thanks to its talented CTO who was previously known for “leaving projects”. The CTO of EOS who was also the previous CTO of STEEM (now known as Hive) and Bitshares. he is widely known as Bytemaster7 and formally called Daniel Larimer.

Few years after building EOS, the open-source software was able to maintain top position as the top ranked blockchain software by the CCID . Despite the success of EOSIO, the CTO< Dan Larimer today made a public announcement about his resignation as the CTO of the project and

In a Voice post, Dan said:

I have worked with Brendan and for the past 4 years and am proud of the EOSIO software I was able to create and launch with the help of an extremely talented group of engineers. Alas, all good things must come to an end. As of December 31, 2020 I have resigned my position as CTO of

I will continue on my mission to create free market, voluntary solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. I do not know exactly what is next, but I am leaning toward building more censorship resistant technologies. I have come to believe that you cannot provide “liberty as a service” and therefore I will focus my attention on creating tools that people can use to secure their own freedom.

I wish the best with their future endeavors.

Link to Dan’s post

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