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CoinsLoot launches the first crypto Loot Boxes and other rewards for crypto enthusiasts



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CoinsLoot is a decentralized crypto platform known for giving incentives to gamers, investors, and crypto enthusiasts. The exchange recently launched its first-time-ever Loot Boxes, plus free crypto and other prizes, to wrap up the year for crypto enthusiasts. Users can purchase Loot Boxes with ERC-20 tokens to reveal a hidden selection of cryptocurrencies and other prizes, such as the Tesla Model X. Anyone can also purchase CoinsLoot’s native LOOT token from the IEO and stake them to earn rewards on every Loot Box transaction. The boxes use a fair algorithm to ensure safe returns for users.

The CoinsLoot crypto Loot Boxes provide an average crypto enthusiast a better way to own an instant crypto portfolio. Users can also get to spend the portfolio on real-life products and services. And each CoinsLoot crypto box contains multiple cryptocurrencies, with up to 10% free crypto and a no-loss guarantee.

The value of each Loot Box depends on the value of the ERC-20 token used to open that box. However, if a user buys a Bitcoin Loot Box and does not like the prize inside, CoinsLoot Box uses a spin mechanism that discloses the gift like a card. And if the user does not like the prize, he/she can get another spin and a chance to win a different prize.

CoinsLoot launches first crypto loot boxes and rewards for crypto enthusiasts
CoinsLoot crypto Loot Boxes

CoinsLoot is topping the list.

Loot Boxes from well-known mainstream gaming companies give their users virtual items to help boost the market potential. By far, CoinsLoot Boxes has been leading the way, as they offer so much more, including spendable cryptocurrency, real-life prizes, and bonuses.

CoinsLoot’s algorithm also offers guaranteed transparency and returns that would benefit the market in the coming years.

Moreover, one of the positive aspects of CoinsLoot is LOOT staking. Anyone can buy and stake LOOT tokens to earn on every single transaction from opened Loot boxes. The more users stake LOOT tokens, the higher returns they will see. Plus 100% of the profit from the staking goes to LOOT holders.

The total supply of CoinsLoot’s ERC-20 token is 100 million, and the token supplied is reserved as follows:

  • 70 million for the IEO sales
  • 15 million for the team and founders
  • 10 million for influencers and advisors
  • 5 million for the bounty and airdrop

Users will also get a 10% commission as a referral bonus from all referrals. Furthermore, CoinsLoot will be giving an additional 10% in tokens to anyone who spends $2,000 on LOOT.

The IEO, which is currently in the second stage, is being held exclusively on the CoinCasso Exchange and will end on December 24th, 2020.

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