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Coinsilium successfully launches a Blockchain hackathon event



Why people trade cryptocurrency

Coinsilium recently launched its Post Covid Hackathon last month. The  main purpose of the event is to reward blockchain developers. And mobilize them to build solutions addressing social and economic issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The global blockchain hackathon initiative was organized in partnership with its portfolio company Indorse LTD.

Online hackathon

An online hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and developers work together to create software projects. This collaboration could spread over several days, weeks, or months. However, the sole aim is to create functional software solutions at the end of the event. There are also no geographical restrictions, as developers from different facets of life can work together, except on rare occasions.

The objective of the blockchain advisory group is to organize a Post Covid Hackathon that will proffer solutions for stabilizing the crypto community and the world at large. Following this objective, Coinsilium formally launched the hackathon in August with registrations and a series of pre-hackathon educational webinars. The event has already enlisted the support of over 60 partners and will run through to November. Then judges and other track partners will scrutinize project submissions ahead of the final Demo Day and award ceremony.


Coinsilium and Indorse

The partnership between Coinsilium and Indorse is the major deal of the event, as both teams are the brains behind the event. The event has also gained a reasonable amount of global response and potential partners. However, coming from a commercial perspective, it is quite pleasing to see Indorse’s technical capabilities at work. Coinsilium chief executive, Eddy Travia, also confirmed his satisfaction in a statement while pointing out the efforts of Indorse in creating a world-class enabling environment for the global online event.

He reinstated that the Post Covid Hackathon will serve as a commercial proof of concept and the perfect avenue for Indorse to showcase its innovative prowess. The partnership with Indorse’s community of developers will also increase the level of confidence for potential similar partnership opportunities, both with Coinsilium and other high-profile companies.

Meanwhile, the entire crypto community eagerly anticipates the solutions to be built by developers in the next couple of months. We are also optimistic that these solutions will further accelerate the post-Covid social and economic recovery process.

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