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ClinicBank (CIB) Launches Private Sale



ClinicBank (CIB) Launches Private Sale
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ClinicBank (CIB) token is a patient-centric healthcare information system coin bringing patients a portable, interoperable, decentralized, integrated system for managing their personal electronic health records. We utilize cutting-edge, blockchain technology to keep patients’ records safe, secure, and inaccessible to hackers and cybercriminals.

Both patients, medical personnel, medical institutions, research institutes, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies, all participating in ClinicBank’s health data ecosystem will have the opportunity to receive rewards based on their contribution in CIB.

With our robust and properly vetted health products on the in-app store, users of the CIB platform can easily purchase medications and other health products using CIB tokens from their connected wallets. CIB can be used as a means of payment wherever it’s accepted.

The token has a maximum total supply of 50 million. With so many utilities but less supply, the value of owning a position is enormous. Please make reference to the whitepaper on detailed explanations.

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Our Private Sale Details

5,000,000 CIB available for grab, $0.10 per CIB

Minimum buy is 200$

Maximum buy is 5000$

Private Sale shall take place at

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