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Christian Doppler Laboratory Joins IOTA as an Industrial Partner



Christian Doppler Laboratory Joins IOTA as an Industrial Partner

The blockchain company IOTA has joined the new Christian Doppler Lab Internet of Things Blockchain Technology (CDL-BOT) as an industrial partner.

According to a blog post, the group will offer research on DLT interoperability, the interface between DLT and the Internet of Things, and products for developer support.

The Austrian Federal Minister for Digital and Economy, Dr. Margaret Srambok, and IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener opened a laboratory at the digital ceremony.

The project is research-focused and is expected to last seven years. It will hire many postdocs and PhD students under the direction of Professor Stefan Schulte.

Schulte commented on CDL-BOT: “As the potential areas of application of DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things increase, new DLTs need to be integrated and interoperability between different DLTs is required.

“I look forward to working with the IOTA Foundation and Pantos to find new solutions for this very popular topic.”

Christian Doppler Laboratory to Contribute to the Advancement of IOTA

The Christian Doppler Laboratory will contribute to the product and process development of Pantos, a subsidiary of the IOTA Foundation and Bitpanda.

Dominik Schiener from IOTA added: “We are honoured to be able to participate in this long-term research project and thank the Christian Doppler Society and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital Economy.

“Together with the world’s leading academic institutions TU Wien and Pantos as top technology providers, we will work together on the interoperable transmission of digital assets and the trustworthy Internet of Things and at the same time specifically expand our business in Austria.”

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