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Cardano: Project Catalyst now available on Google Play Store



Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, recently announced that project Catalyst is now available for download on Google Play Store. He believes that the app will help move the crypto industry closer to complete decentralization. However, Apple and Google are yet to fully accept crypto-based apps. They have even blocked and reversed several crypto-based publications in the past.

Catalyst is a crucial part of Cardano’s fifth and final phase, Voltaire. The project also aims to restructure the future of Cardano in a more sustainable and decentralized manner.

Cardano and its community

Going further, an essential part of this development is that the community is ready to maintain the Cardano blockchain while implementing and proposing further system improvements. This will also give ADA holders the power to make decisions. Catalyst comes with a voting and treasury system for the community. Users can download the app for free. But the app is currently available for Android users only.

Project Catalyst gives each Cardano owner automatic voting rights, depending on how many ADAs are in the wallet. The app can also be used to distribute votes and evaluate respective projects within the community. There are currently three projects competing for financial means of $250,000 or the equivalent of 2 million ADA.

The first project is called “Free Commerce,” which is a decentralized marketplace based on the Cardano blockchain and works without any fee. The project is a Shopify-integration aimed at collecting 724,437 ADA.

“Lovelace Academy Marlow Plutus” is a Cardano Academy set to cover 25 episodes, which will center on Cardano itself and smart contracts. The educational series is divided into two parts and will broadcast daily episodes on YouTube. The content duration is six months.

Finally, the third project is the “Cardano Hub.” This project aims to promote interaction in the community between investors, developers, and opinion leaders. Bookstores, working spaces, and cafés will also be available to provide information on current developments within the crypto ecosystem. The first proposed location is Kiev in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, ADA recorded a minus of 0.54% to a price of $0.1063 within the last 24 hours. With a market cap below $3.3 billion, Cardano is currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency in the world.

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