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Bybit Becomes Global Sponsor for Argentina National Soccer Team



Bybit Becomes Global Sponsor for Argentina National Soccer Team


The Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced that Bybit would become its main global sponsor for all trials for the next two years.

The cryptocurrency trading platform goes hand in hand with well-known companies such as Adidas, Nissan and Coca-Cola, also official sponsors of the Argentina national soccer team.

According to the official announcement, the new partnership will allow Bybit to have the greatest visibility among all AFA assets. In addition, Lionel Messi and his teammates from La Albiceleste will be displaying the company logo on their training uniforms for the next 24 months.

AFA chairman Claudio Tapia (Claudio Tapia) said the association’s main goal is to attract sponsors with “global influence”.

“We are very happy with the announcement of this important commercial agreement… We added a brand to the National Teams clothing, and that is something significant, both for the company and for AFA. It is important to add brands with a global presence.” – Tapia added.

Bybit CEO Ben Zhou also commented on the cooperation and described Argentina as one of the most successful national soccer teams. He added that La Albiceleste’s selections have “unrelenting passion and boundless creativity” – qualities that his firm would like to champion and celebrate:

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“Working with the AFA is one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. Bybit will encourage Argentina in the coming years.”

Argentina Soccer Players Getting Into Crypto 

Recently, Argentine players have been getting involved in the crypto sector. In August of this year, Lionel Messi joined the cryptocurrency trend. The former FC Barcelona striker has joined Paris Saint-Germain’s millions. His “welcome pack” includes not only a legal currency but also part of the French team’s cryptocurrency fan token PSG.

Unexpectedly, the digital asset gained popularity shortly after the announcement.

Gabriel Batistuta is the next legendary Argentine soccer player to have something in common with the digital asset realm. “Batigol” – as many people have said – recently launched an NFT series on the Binance Market. The digital collectables are part of a mysterious box set provided in partnership with TopGoal. Also, they contain authorised, non-fungible playing cards depicting historical moments in Batistuta’s career.

Furthermore, the NFT is divided into three categories – rare, epic, and legendary. Batistuta himself auctioned one of the legendary tokens.

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