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BNB set new ATH Above $50, ETH reclaims $1,400 as BTC consolidate



BNB set new ATH Above $50, ETH reclaims $1,400 as BTC consolidate

BNB set ATH above $50. Despite another attempt to break through $35,000, Bitcoin continues to trade in the narrow range of $33,000 to $35,000.

On the contrary, big altcoins and some DeFi stars fared much better. This includes the new ATH for Binance Coin, and Ethereum surged above $1,400, which is close to the January 2018 ATH range. On the flip side, XRP has been down after its recent surge.

Binance coin(BNB) over $50 form new ATH

For the past 24 hours, most of the major altcoin markets have done well against the US dollar. This is “dry” after the weekend, the price fluctuates slightly.

The value of Ethereum is up 8% and has risen to around $1,400. As a result, the second-largest cryptocurrency is just inches away from its all-time high of $1,440 in January 2018. Although the price rose to $1,480 in January last year, ETH is still striving to break through its previous ATH.

Chainlink (5%), Bitcoin Cash (3%), Polkadot (2%) and Litecoin (5%) also emerged from the top ten.

Binance Coin achieved a triumphant return in the top ten coins after growing 10% every day. Previously, the BNB even hit an all-time high of over $52 (according to Binance).

BNB/USDT. Source:Binance

However, Cardano’s performance outperformed all other major altcoins by 23%. As a result, the price of ADA has increased to $0.42.

From a bearish perspective, Ripple is the biggest loser, after a few days of rising following the company’s response to the SEC charges, or a coordinated pump, XRP has nosedived by 40% to $0.35.

Low-end and mid-end altcoins will bring more benefits, especially at DeFi. FunFair leads with a growth rate of 50%, followed by Band Protocol (34%), Terra (30%) and SushiSwap (30%). Also, sushi is up 70% every week, trading at $13.

These gains helped keep total market value above the coveted $1 trillion.

Bitcoin continues consolidating in the range of $33k to $35k

Although altcoins have impressive volatility, their leaders appear to stay in the $33,000- $35,000 range. After last week’s high volatility ended, the asset settled down over the weekend when BTC exhibited two-way volatility of $6,000.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin tried again to break through $35,000, but to no avail. Conversely, the refusal to trade lowered the asset to an intraday low of approximately $33,000.

Even so, the cryptocurrency regained $ 34,000 in the next few hours and is currently trading at a higher price.

As expected, the outstanding altcoins continue to damage Bitcoin’s dominance in the market and this indicator has fallen to 62%. In contrast, the rate rose to over 65% last Friday.

BTC / USD. Source: Tradingview

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