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Blockchain smartphones and Luxury timepieces



Blockchain smartphones and crypto-based luxury watches have been making waves in the industry due to the hypes they have received. While some of these products have received positive remarks, it is not yet certain whether the others have gone from concept to reality. In other words, individuals do not know whether these devices will bring meaningful changes, or they are just another hype story as it is with the industry.

Blockchain smartphones

Smartphones are now an essential part of human existence, as billions of people use them. Companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple are dominating the sector with mind-blowing technological integration. These days, smartphones can do almost anything, and there has been a minimal amount of success in the integration of blockchain applications into these devices. Quite a good number of manufacturers are making their devices blockchain-friendly as cryptocurrency is gaining relevance.


Samsung Galaxy S10 has made headlines for its application for storing private crypto keys, and the built-in cryptocurrency wallet — Blockchain Keystore. In 2019, the Galaxy S10 added support for over 30 different cryptocurrencies in its wallet. To add to that, the company launched the KlaytnPhone, a variant of the Galaxy Note 10 that contained its cryptocurrency wallet. It rewarded users with 2000 Klay tokens, the native currency of the Klaytn blockchain. The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone also comes with these blockchain features.


The Exodus is a product of Taiwanese electronics firm HTC. The device is available for purchase using either cryptocurrency or fiat currencies. The HTC blockchain smartphone comes with a hardware wallet application that enables users to store their private keys. It also comes with the Opera browser, which gives access to a variety of decentralized applications for crypto users.

Vitalik Buterin also applauds the latest version of the smartphone, which is Exodus 1S, because of its ability to run a Bitcoin node and the social key-recovery feature. The smartphone allows users to give parts of their private keys to trusted contacts to enable recovery when necessary. Anyone can get the phone via the manufacturer’s website, but it is not yet available for purchase worldwide, and not all payment options are available.

Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs is a blockchain startup company that claims to be the first to launch a blockchain smartphone (Finney) in November 2018. The device comes with a built-in cold storage wallet, a service that allows token conversion and DApp ecosystem powered by Sirin operating system. However, cold storage is physically different from the primary device. Users can engage in peer-to-peer transactions without any need for a centralized exchange. You can purchase Finney on the company’s website or Amazon, but the availability of the product on Amazon is minimal.

The limiting factor is that these devices are difficult to purchase online as they are only available for sale on their websites except for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note models.

Blockchain timepieces

While smartphone companies are integrating cryptocurrency into their devices, two well-known Swiss watchmaking companies have released mind-blowing timepieces. These products are, of course, inspired by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, Hublot announced the launch of its Big Bang Meca-10 P2P bitcoin-inspired watch. The product was designed to mark the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. About 210 watches were available to significantly correlate with the supply limit of Bitcoin, which is 21 million. However, we do not know if the limited number of timepieces were sold at that time.

The second Swiss watchmaker, Frank Muller, launched its crypto watch in May 2019 as the Encrypto watch series. The launch was in partnership with Regal Assets, an investment firm. The series now come with different styles for both men and women, with varying price tags. They also come in different eye-catching materials, including gold, diamond, and carbon fiber. The dial of the watches comes with a QR code for receiving Bitcoin payments. And you can get the blockchain timepieces with either Bitcoin or fiat currencies.


It is glaring that as the blockchain technology advances, many devices come with exceptional technological abilities too. Devices now come with both decentralized and centralized applications, storage wallets, and other functions. Although some of these devices are overhyped, a good number of tech companies are still integrating cryptocurrency support to give users the best experience in trading.

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