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Blockchain Hub Africa to host one of Africa’s biggest Blockchain Tech Conference



Blockchain Hub Africa to host one of Africa's biggest Blockchain Tech Conference

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Blockchain Hub Africa is set to host a blockchain and technology-focused event for developers and non-developers to help them set the ground for the next wave of evolution in the space. Technology is fast changing many conventional approaches, and Blockchain as part of technology is rewriting how systems operate. It is as well introducing more innovative applications.  

Blockchain Tech Conference is an annual tech event hosted by Blockchain Hub Africa. This 2022 edition is themed “Leveraging the blockchain infrastructure for adoption in Africa.” 

As Blockchain technology takes over many sectors and industries, individuals are delving into the space; some from scratch, while others transitioned into the space. However, there is still the notion that cryptocurrency is all there is to Blockchain. While crypto is part of it, Blockchain and its application are much more than trading cryptocurrencies.  

The event is designed to uncover opportunities in Blockchain, guide developers and non-developers through the complexities involved, and give them insight into possibilities that abound in Blockchain.

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“One of my passions is to join the movement for the adoption of blockchain products in our daily life.

One strategic way that I have achieved this, is through Blockchain Hub Africa. And this year we are hosting great men who will be speaking at our BDC ‘22 conference.”

Joshua Mba, Co-founder Blockchain Hub Africa. 

The 2-day event will run from Friday, 2nd December to Saturday, 3rd December 2022. 

The first day of the event is a technical session and will feature Trust Onyekwere; 

Developer Relations at Bunzz, Markanthony Ekene; Senior Blockchain Engineer at XendFinance, Makwe Quintin; Blockchain Engineer at Bitpowr, GT Igwe Chrisent; CEO at Truzact, and Emeka Nweke; CTO at Wicrypt, as Instructors. 

The speakers for the second day of the event which is also the concluding day include Chris Ani; CEO, Digital Abundance, Deborah Afen; CEO, Afen Blockchain, GT Igwe Chrisent; CEO, Truzact, Mayowa; Senior Ethereum Blockchain Developer, and Emeka Nweke

CTO Wicrypt. 

Blockchain Hub Africa is on the move to advance Web3 adoption and expand Africa’s web3 talent pipeline.

The event details: 

Date: December 2nd to December 3rd, 2022.

Venue: The Base Landmarks, independence layout Enugu.

Time: 9 AM, 2nd – 3rd December 2022

Theme: Leveraging the blockchain infrastructure for adoption in Africa. 

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