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Bitrue: How to Earn Passive Income with EOS




On June 3, 2020, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue announced via Twitter that it was providing users with a new method for users to generate passive income from their idle digital assets.

With Power Piggy, users can assign interest from June 5 at 16:00 UTC and receive passive income from their EOS tokens at a base rate of 5.3%.

With Bitrue, cryptocurrency holders can earn interest by lending it to borrowers. There are two daily time slots at 10:00 a.m. (UTC + 8) and 10:00 p.m., and users can invest in their EOS, LTC, or BCH in this window.

Deposits can be withdrawn at any time and interest on locked EOS coins is paid daily. This makes the plan a great way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to try out non-traditional financial platforms.

Users can also choose “Fixed-term investment” to freeze their money for 30 days in exchange for higher interest rates.

EOS Comes to Piggy Power 

Bitrue Investment

The Power Piggy program is one way to get you interested in multiple cryptocurrencies, including many popular coins like XRP, BTC, ETH, and most recently EOS, LTC, and BCH.

lightblocks interest on btc

The exchange rate is adjusted occasionally, and the current BTC and ETH are 5.3% and the USDT 10.3%.

So far, the Power Piggy program has attracted wide attention from the wider crypto community. Bitrue users can also easily get cryptocurrency-backed loans to use the borrowed coins for other investment opportunities.

Lock BTR to Earn Higher Interest Rates

To ensure long-term sustainability and offer the platform token holders BTR a higher value, Bitrue offers lucrative rates for various token holders who stake the platform’s native tokens via the VIP cap function.

The main purpose of the VIP Cap function is to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem around the Bitrue exchange and to maximize the investment opportunities of BTR holders and long-term investors.

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