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Bitcoin – The Greatest Asset Of The 21st Century: A KurePay Documentary



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The greatest invention of man in the 20th century is the internet, it has made the world a global village where communication and value can be transferred seamlessly fast. Every human activity is directly or indirectly connected to the internet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important the internet can be, social activities were moved to the internet.

In the early 21st century, the invention that will probably go down as the greatest in human history is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is true money. Bitcoin is the internet money. Bitcoin is a political movement. Bitcoin revolutionizes both the past and present of financial history.

“Old fortunes were built brick by brick, new fortunes are built click by click”

 Jack Butcher

Bitcoin is a transfer of wealth system of this century from the baby boomers to millenials and beyond.

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In the past, investing in blue-chip tech stocks and real estate, guaranteed profit-making assets, were the surest way to financial freedom.

However, blue-chip tech stocks have become so expensive that they are believed they no longer have room to grow. Real estate is difficult for a younger generation to invest in because it requires a large amount of money or down payment. A sign of a bubble asset?

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is relatively cheap to buy/sell as you can buy fractions of it. A mobile phone and an internet connection can let you possess the best performing asset in the last decade

Bitcoin is a great store of value with deflationary attributes. Historically, the value of Bitcoin has increased tremendously over the past 10 years compared to assets like Gold, Silver etc.

The monetary system of the world has always favoured a particular sect of people — rich & influential — ever since gold stopped backing money. We’ve experienced the greatest asset inflation bubble seen in countries like Zimbabwe, Argentina and Venezuela.

Money can be printed as much as the government wants, the more money the government prints the more money in hardworking people’s account loses value. The inflation bubble.

What makes gold so valuable from the days of Judas Iscariot till present is the difficulty it takes to mine it. It’s scarce and difficult to get, a quality of true money.

Bitcoin possess the quality of true money:

  • It is scarce due to the supply reduction mechanism that takes place every 4 years
  • It difficult to get as you have to solve mathematical puzzles using powerful computers
  • It is accepted as a means of exchange, although not universal yet but adoption is fast moving

Bitcoin functions as transfer of value between parties in a very fast and cheap manner regardless of the distance between both transacting partners.

Wallet platforms that allow you to receive, send, buy and sell your Bitcoin instantly wherever you are key structures to the success of Bitcoin. 

The real heroes in capes!

One of the most important payment wallets, Kurepay, is offering top-of-the-bar cryptocurrency services to complement its financial inclusion ecosystem that extends to billions of people in Africa.

KurePay is a trifecta payment system solution that includes an E-wallet, payment gateway and Kure card that intends to use blockchain technology to provide solutions to e-commerce and payment solutions. 

Kurepay has successfully created a state-of-the-art bridge between cryptocurrency & fiat payments, between merchants & users. 

It has made payments swift, smooth and cheap whether you’re using crypto or fiat, while utility payments have been given a new lift with an astonishing experience.

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