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Binance Visa Card Now Available in Europe with up to 8% Cashback Rewards



Binance Visa Card Now Available in Europe with up to 8% Cashback Rewards

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On the 19th of September, Binance announced that its Visa Card is available to everyone in the European Economic Area. Also, to celebrate this major event, Binance Visa Card is offering the highest cashback rate to all its users. 

Crypto users who use a Binance Visa Card can use crypto assets in their Binance account and make transactions with it at more than 60 million locations around the globe. In addition, users can now link their Binance Card virtually with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

The Binance Card is powered by Swipe. It works like any other traditional debit card but holds digital assets instead of fiat currency. These digital assets include BTC, BNB, SXP, and BUSD. The card is connected to a user’s Binance account and can be topped up with funds in your Spot Wallet. 


Binance Visa Card
Binance Visa Card

The Binance Card converts a user’s crypto funds to a local currency automatically whenever a user wants to spend. This is possible through Swipe’s technology which powers the conversion and creates a smooth user experience for online and offline traders.

Users have no need to worry about fees when using the card. Binance charges zero subscription or maintenance fees, and transactions made in Euros are free of transaction charges. However, third-party fees may apply. In addition, Binance is also offering a cashback offer up to 8%, the highest available in the market today. 

Users get the option to choose between a physical or virtual Binance Visa Card. Both are processed and delivered within months of applying for one.

How to Get an 8% Cashback on Your Fee-Free Binance Card

The Binance Visa Card offers cashback for every purchase you make with the card. The cashback percentage depends on your card tier and then the amount of BNB a user stores in its Binance account.

In other words, the more BNB you hold (based on the average BNB amount you hold over 30 days), the higher your cashback reward and the cashback you will get back in the form of BNB.

Card LevelAverage BNB Held Within 30 DaysBNB Rewards on Your Purchases

Binance Innovating the Crypto Space

Recently, Binance has been rolling out new innovations in the crypto space for its users. Furthermore, the team looks forward to releasing more innovations and events to support the crypto community. 

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