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Binance Masterclass: Becoming A Profitable Crypto Trader



Binance Masterclass: Becoming A Profitable Crypto Trade
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Stuck in lockdown and worried about what comes post-COVID? Join Binance for a masterclass on “Becoming A Profitable Crypto Trader” on May 30th. Learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, and build a second stream of income.

The global economy is in recession and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to job losses for millions around the world.  Despite the hardships, this presents an opportunity to learn a new way of making active/passive income – through cryptocurrency.

This masterclass could not have come at a better time given the current dynamics in the local and international financial markets. The interest to know what cryptocurrencies and crypto trading are is also higher than ever. This event is targeted at helping you understand the fundamentals of crypto, how to identify scams, and more advanced concepts around Spot, Margin and Futures Trading as you get started on your crypto journey.

The masterclass will be broken down into two topics:

Crypto Discussion Group
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals run by Emmanuel Babalola and Tanya Knowles of Binance
  • Understanding Market Psychology and Trading Fundamentals run by guest speaker, Chris Ani (CEO of Digital Abundance) 

A huge thank you to our media partners: BitcoinKE, Global Crypto and LightBlocks for the support.


GIVEAWAY: To further engage attendees during this event, 10 new Binance users stand the chance to win $10 each!  To qualify, register with this link below and make your first deposit (of any amount):

How do I join the event?

Register at

15 attendees will also stand a chance of winning $10 each during the event Q&A session.

When is the event?

Saturday May 30th, 2020 on Zoom.

Starting at 4PM WAT/ 5PM SAST 

How do I join the event?

Register @

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