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Bill Murray Lost $185,000 In WETH, Stolen By An Unidentified Hacker

Bill Murray lost over $185,000 to an unidentified hacker last week, read more in this article on LightblocksNews.



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The Etherum- wallet belonging to an actor and comedian, Bill Murray, which he used for sales of his life inspired official Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) was hacked by a yet to be identified hacker on thursday this week.

This happened just after he concluded a charity NFT based auction which was won by Brant Boersma.

Bill Murray
Bill Murray

According to reports from Decrypt, about 110 wrapped ethereum (WETH), worth around $174,000 at the time, was stolen from the wallet. The incident occurred following Coinbase NFT’s auction of an exclusive, single-edition NFT worth $185,000 or 11.9.2 WETH this week.

The Bill Murray auction was meant for the support of 3 years old Evelyn who is battling with the effects of a rare CLDN5 gene mutation, along with an uncontrollable epilepsy.

According to reports given by Gavin Gillas of blockchain startup project, Venkman, to Decrypt, an authorized transaction worth $175,000 first took place in the wallet, followed by another worth $2,750. 

According to Gavin, a police report has been filed, the services of  Blockchain forensics has been sought, and the attack conveyed to Coinbase NFT.

Gavin believes that the hacker may have gained access to the wallet after it was exposed by an interaction with a link that appears to be used for a real and legal activity such as crypto, NFTs, or token transactions, but it is in reality a scam or fraud designed to steal people’s assets.

The  same Ethereum wallet held different NFTs and although they were untouched, they have been moved into other wallets following the attack.

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