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Best Reasons Why GenZ Have A Role In Crypto Adoption(Ep.1)

Natalie Brunell shares her thoughts on the role of Gen Z in driving Crypto adoption in this interview with LightblocksNews.



Crypto Influencer
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In a series of interviews with various crypto influencers across the globe, LightBlocksNews gathered the opinion of these top industry leaders on how Gen Z would play a role in Crypto adoption.

In today’s episode, we hear Natalie Brunell‘s thoughts on how Gen Z could drive Crypto adoption. She says:

I think Gen Z will be leading players in the transformation of industries as they implement Bitcoin’s technology network.

Excerpt From natalie

Here’s the full story.

Natalie Brunell

Natalie Brunell- Crypto Influencer
Natalie Brunell

As a top crypto influencer, Natalie hosts a podcast about Bitcoin and economics called Coin Stories, she does educational seminars about Bitcoin and offers commentary on international TV news about investing in the space.

Crypto Discussion Group

How did you start your amazing career?

I was a TV journalist for more than 10 years covering investigative reporting and breaking news. When I discovered Bitcoin, I became passionate about how the technology can reform our broken financial system and provide more economic opportunity to the masses. 

I started a passion project podcast to share my interest in the space and learn more about Bitcoin’s leading voices. That podcast ended up becoming my full-time career.

Highlight Key Achievements You’ve Made In The Crypto Space

I am grateful to have received such a warm welcome from the Bitcoin community. After I launched my podcast, my Twitter following grew quickly from 2,000 followers to more than 200,000 in less than a year. 

I have been able to travel the world to speak about Bitcoin at various conferences and events and I now appear on many prominent news platforms discussing Bitcoin and economic topics to help spark dialogue with a mainstream audience.

Why Do You Love Cryptocurrency?

I love Bitcoin because I believe it’s the best hope we have for a renaissance of the American Dream, for securing financial freedom, and for a chance to rebuild our economic system into one that works for everyone and not just for those who are politically connected.

As a respected influencer in the Crypto and Blockchain space, what’s your take on the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

I believe that the volatility we are currently experiencing is temporary and allows for more people to enter the space at a more affordable price point. 

I believe Bitcoin is the future. Much in the same way the internet transformed our ability to communicate and conduct business through technology, I believe Bitcoin will transform the value of money, our ability to save, and how we transact with one another across economies.

Do You Think That Gen Z Would Play A Vital Role In Driving Crypto Adoption?

Yes, because Gen Z grew up with technology at the forefront of their lives and embedded in most of their experiences so the idea of digital money comes naturally to them.  I think they will be leading players in the transformation of industries as they implement Bitcoin’s technology network.

What Is The Biggest Thing You’ve Learned In Your Growth In The Space?

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that when you hone in on your passion and work tirelessly to acquire applicable skills and knowledge, you can build a career that feels like a meaningful journey as opposed to a routine job. 


Over the next few days, more episodes will be released, featuring top crypto influencers across the globe and their opinion on Gen Z’s role in crypto adoption. Join our Telegram channel to get all updates.

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