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Beginners Guide to Play-to-Earn 3D Game – Infinity Angels



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Have you heard of Infinity Angels? Game developers have recently introduced the Play-to-Earn business model. The play-to-earn model embraces the concept of an open economy and rewards all players who contribute to the game world with financial incentives. As technology has become more accessible to the general public, video game business models have evolved. When we’re waiting for a bus or just relaxing, we’ll pull out our smartphones and play a game. Play-to-earn gives gamers the chance to earn cryptocurrency while they play their favorite games.

Introducing Play-to-Earn Games

Playing games is a great way to make money! Play-to-earn is a blockchain-based business model. To put it another way, people can have fun while earning cryptocurrency. Players can acquire valuable in-game assets in games that are played for money. Skins, cards, or even a specific type of cryptocurrency can all fall under this umbrella term. The more time a player spends playing, the more valuable their assets become.

Traditional games, on the other hand, don’t make use of these assets outside of the game. However, they have real-world value in games where you play to earn. Players have complete control over the transfer and sale of their virtual assets in the real world, whether for cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Furthermore, these games are decentralized, unlike traditional games. For developers, this means they can no longer command the entire system through their command center.

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Play-to-earn games distribute in-game assets among their participants. Players create value for themselves, other players, and the game’s developer when they participate in the in-game economy. For one simple reason, all of this works. In these games, people are looking for entertainment and the chance to win money.

Tokens or digital cash can be awarded to players who complete missions in a play-to-earn game. Blockchain-backed P2E games, also known as P2E, have become an integral part of nearly every metaverse, with each platform offering its form of cryptocurrency to reward online gamers for their time commitment. An important factor in the rise of the popularity of these games is their ability to reward players with real-world currency in exchange for their time and effort.

Infinity Angels – A Fun 3D MOBA Game

Infinity Angel is a fun 3D MOBA game with a variety of characters. Each character has a unique set of traits. Thrilling PvP encounters in Infinity Angel allow players to reach their full fighting potential. A variety of rewards await you for completing the game. In addition to a wide range of tactics derived from the passive abilities of the skin/minion, the game’s costume system boasts more than 100 different sets for each character and their minions.

Individuals can easily buy, sell and trade NFT. There are a variety of ways players can use their NFT angels, from equipping them with powerful weapons or unique outfits in competitive battles to obtaining NFT items that can be traded according to P2E criteria in the beautiful 3D graphics world of Infinity Angel.

Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel stands out from the crowd because it requires no fees on the part of the player. Instead, the game has been designed to be completely free to play. To begin playing, all players need to do is create an account, log in, and begin. Tokens and other in-game items can be earned by playing the game for as long as you want without incurring any additional costs. For NFT trading, players only need to spend money if they want to trade in-game tokens or other in-game items.

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To begin the game, you can use an Angel FREE (non-NFT) and earn in-game tokens as you progress through the ranks. As part of their normal gameplay, players can engage in in-game experience activities to collect INC tokens, in-game currency Gold, and Meth.

Anyone who owns Angel NFT can join R-I for up to 3 hours a day to earn more INC tokens, which is a passive form of earning to take full advantage of Angel’s features when the player stops playing the game. You own a piece of the Infinity Angel project if you own $ING. The value of these tokens may rise as the project progresses.

Every effort has been made to make Infinity Angel a game that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Even those with no prior knowledge of blockchain technology will be able to take advantage of the many advantages that this project has to offer. Regardless of whether you’re a gamer or just curious about crypto and NFT, check out Infinity Angel.

How to Earn with Infinity Angels

The gameplay in Infinity Angels is simple enough for players of all skill levels to enjoy. When you start, you’ll be given a standard angel to play with, and you can earn in-game tokens by playing up the ranks until you reach the very top of the rankings. You can earn enough points/tokens to unlock more high-class angels or buy new outfits on the Infinity Angel Marketplace to increase battle power.

Those who prefer to play the more traditional way can take part in PVE activities to earn experience points (EXP) and level up faster. This game has a lot of Gold and Meth for you to collect. Additional rewards can be gained by participating in the various boss raiding activities that are available to players who have reached a certain level of expertise. Gold and Meth can be used to buy and collect costumes for champions as well as minions (companion soldiers) to increase strength and tactics for PVP matches. With PVP, players can earn tokens by participating in PVP activities, as well as receive ranking rewards that include free tokens.

A total of five different angels can be selected by players. Some of them are:

In the Rastavel sect, Alice is the highest-ranking angel. She has a great deal of strength and defense to her name. Players can take on enemies and unleash powerful combos to maintain a steady fight. At close quarters, it takes on a distinct appearance. Free Alice can be yours if you want.

In the Amoras sect, Ceci is the highest-ranking angel. Long-range and optimized maneuverability allow players to enjoy battles that adapt to the situation with a variety of debuffs.

Infinity Angel

In the Talissimo sect, Emily is the highest-ranking Angel. To play with an Angel with a more strategic combo attack, install a Sub Osiris. Although it has limited mobility, it has more firepower than anyone else if you use high-level tactics.

Bestie is the top Angel of the Decarabi sect. It’s a powerful Angel that stands out for its propulsion and strength. Using a powerful charge, it excels at chasing down the enemy and depicts a powerful figure capable of driving them to their knees with a nonstop tarot attack.

The top angel of the Dia Bella sect is Dasha. It’s an unusual technique used by an ion angel. Although its defensive abilities are a bit lacking, it has a unique battle strategy that confuses its enemies and allows it to claim victory.


The play-to-earn is here to stay and you can take advantage of it too with Infinity Angels. Play your favorite 3D MOBA game and earn rewards easily. Stay updated with what’s happening around Infinity Angels on their official website, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

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