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Akwa Ibom State Upcoming Politician Moves To Raise Money Through Bitcoin To Sponsor Election Course



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While most countries lack clear legislation for cryptocurrencies, some legislators aren’t afraid of expressing their position on virtual money and the stand for digital assets. With the global rampage on the emergence of what the new economic drivers will be, there is a dire need to create a balance within the Political sphere and the cryptocurrency hub. This will eventually birth a need to brood a common ground. Regulators are increasingly expected to incorporate digital assets into the global economy, and as the general public becomes more aware of cryptocurrency, central authorities should accept it as part of the game.

Cryptocurrency companies and adopters often need a legal framework to buy and sell crypto assets. However, politicians seem to be taking baby steps when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption. With more G20 nations ready to support global regulation for cryptocurrencies, politics and cryptocurrency may become more closely intertwined. However, a significant number of politicians still associate cryptocurrency with high risks, especially after Facebook’s announcement of its Libra project.

Onboarding The New Political Sage

Bringing this feat home to the African Soil, Emediong Akpabio is an aspiring diplomat and global young leader who has served in many leadership positions in Nigeria and Africa, and is currently building a community of over 230 young changemakers and aspiring diplomats from 16 countries for peer to peer learning, Idea sharing and collaboration. 

As an enigma of sorts, he is also a human rights and gender activist who has worked on cross-cutting issues in the development space with his advocacy covering areas of gender equality, human rights, peace and security, child protection, intersectional feminism and social justice.

Bring The Trophies Home: Why Emediong Akpabio?

Emediong Akpabio has a background in Environmental studies, having an active presence within Human rights space, as well as Gender activism. As an energetic and astute youth, possessing the qualities of a distinct Leader par excellence, he is a native of Mbiaya Uruan in Uruan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Going further, his work has created safe spaces for children and prevented women from violence in various communities. 

Having seen his parents work under very harsh conditions to provide basic needs, he wants to be able to improve livelihoods for many other people of his constituency as a development politician. One key mindset the young political sage holds so dearly is his believe that solutions proposed by legislation outweigh the proponent. With retrospect to the fact that there is no king without a crown, his convictions to represent the people are anchored on his track records in the social development space. 

Raise The Gear: F1 Formula 

This has birth his alloyed conviction to declare his intention to run as a Member of Uruan Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. In lieu of this dauntless feat, he stands to be one of the Pioneers of Cryptocurrency adoption in politics, within the African context as he calls for support in cryptocurrencies which includes: BNB, ETH, USDT, BTC, as well as the Nigerian NAIRA.

In a bid to intimate the public on what his Agenda holds, his political movement is captioned: THE DIFFERENCE PLAN – 2023.

The plan will prioritize both building and reforming present structures in place, to ensure that the needs of the people are placed at the center of the policy approaches. The Difference Plan recognizes the social distrust between the elected and electors exacerbated by years of broken promises and looks to restore the mistrust caused. This will be done by ensuring the citizens are not just beneficiaries but active co-creators of the plan.

Lift The Glasses: A Final Toss To Victory

When politics and cryptocurrency meet, there is either regulation, adoption or prohibition. Politicians can encourage cryptocurrency adoption, but they need help, understanding the decentralization concept and its benefits. Cryptocurrency questions the traditional financial system, which is mostly controlled by politics. So, it’s only natural that politicians refuse to accept the benefits as they don’t want to lose control over their economies. Be it as it may, politicians need to regulate the use of digital coins and assets to help people benefit from cryptocurrency which is a glaring move EMEDIONG AKPABIO is set to make. 

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