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ADA Finance Wins DeFi Project of the Year



ADA Finance Wins DeFi Project of the Year


ADA Finance, the DeFi ecosystem powered by Cardano and Avalanche, announced at the AIBC Summit in Malta in 2021 that it has won the highly anticipated DeFi Project of the Year award.

That event took place on November 16th and coincided with the inclusion of early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver, who joined the project as an investor. These important announcements are perfectly synced with ADA Finance, and the IDO of the project is only a month away, so in mid-December 2021.

The cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem ADA Finance defeated some key competitors from the industry. It was presented the coveted “Best DeFi Project of The Year” award at Europe’s premier event for blockchain, AI, and emerging tech, AIBC Summit, Malta.

ADA Finance was the first Cardano-based project to receive the award, beating other highly regarded projects, including the community-centric DeFi token Safemoon and the PoW / DPoS hybrid consensus ABEYFoundation.

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These recent achievements have put ADA Finance in the spotlight, joining the ranks of previous winners MakerDAO and the AI-powered DeFi portfolio project SingularityDAO.

Roger Ver and other big names join ADA Finance

ADA Finance’s success caught the attention of bitcoin investor and blockchain advocate Roger Ver. Widely known as the “Crypto Jesus”, Ver was an early investor in Bitcoin in 2011 and the former CEO of

Ver is known for his past involvement in successful blockchain projects and has invested in Ripple, (XRP) Kraken, Shapeshift and Bitpay. Ver recently shifted its focus to the DeFi market and invested heavily in XFai, a decentralised Oracle service provider.

In addition to Ver, the project also won a number of A-list influencers, including YouTube star Carl “The Moon” and other well-known names Crypto Banter and MMCrypto. Since the top-class line-up is optimistic about successful projects, the focus is now on the platform’s ADAFI token IDO in mid-December.

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