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A Whooping Sum of 550 ETH paid for a Virtual Land on Axie Infinity



A Whooping sum of 550 ETH paid for a Virtual Land on Axie Infinity
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Axie Infinity recently recorded the biggest sale ever for a virtual plot of Land. The Pokémon-inspired universe and play-to-earn platform made this announcement on November 25th, 2021.

The tweet tells us that a certain buyer paid 550 ETH for a plot of ‘Genesis Land’ on the Axie Infinity world. At the time of the transaction, this amount of ETH approximated to about $2.3 million.

Are you wondering why this huge amount was being paid for the genesis Land? It happened so because the Genesis Land is the rarest Land type on the Axie Infinity homeland.

What You Should Know About Land Types on Axie Infinity  

Like aforementioned, Axie Infinity is a virtual (gaming) world. With the blockchain-based game, players can battle, collect, and build land-based kingdoms called Axies. Equally, these Axies can be traded among the game players. This is possible because Axies are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

More so, there is what is called Lunacia. Lunacia is the name for the Axie Infinity homeland. This homeland is categorized into seven tokenized Land types namely; Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic, Lunas Landing (Center), Maps (water, roads & resource nodes) and Genesis.

Axie Infinity

In general, Lunacia comprises of 90,601 plots of Land. The Savannah Land type has the highest total supply of 22042 plots followed by, the Forest Land type with 22025 plots. On the other hand, the Map, Arctic, Lunas Landing and Mystic Land types have a total plot supply of 18012, 16537, 3501 and 8264 plots respectively.

It might interest you to know that, the Genesis Land type has only 220 plots in total supply. In consequence, it has the lowest total supply hence, the rarest. This then explains to you why a whooping sum of $2.3 million was being paid for one plot of Genesis Land.

Why You Should Play the Axie Infinity Game?

The Axie Infinity game is different from the traditional video games you know. It is a new type of game that runs using a Game-as-a-Service model. The blockchain-based game rewards players for their time and effort spent on playing games. By playing the Axies game, players can earn through various ways like:

  • Competing in player versus player (PVP) battles to win leaderboard prizes.
  • Farming for Smooth Love Potions (SLP)
  • Collecting and speculating on rare Axies such as Mystics and Origins.
  • Breeding Axies and selling them in the NFT market.
Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity which was launched in October 2018 has grown to be very popupar in the blockchain-gaming space. In fact, it is among the top three blockchain games in terms of users — with over 100,000 weekly users. Aside from the game being fun to play game, it educates players on the concept of blockchain technology. Both Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions can be earned from playing the game.

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