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A Review of the Just Concluded “I CAN TRADE” Event Hosted by AAX9JA



A Review of the Just Concluded "I CAN TRADE" Event Hosted by AAX9JA
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The cryptocurrency space is rapidly expanding; it has already shaken up the financial system, and its technology is beginning to change major industries around the world. Although still in its early stages, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the potential to become an important part of the future.

Taking the steps to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology now, regardless of your stage of life, will benefit you in a variety of ways, perhaps more than you realize. Learning is what helps us grow as people, what keeps us happy and modest, and most importantly, what keeps our memory sharp and our minds ticking!


Cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. Volatility in the crypto markets is an opportunity for traders to take advantage of large price swings. Despite what some people say, volatility is not a bad thing if you do your research, trade responsibly, and develop a robust risk management system. 

Learning to trade crypto has become popular with traders looking to invest in either volatile bullish or bearish markets. Numbers never lie. In the last few years, volatility has made Bitcoin trading a more lucrative opportunity over more traditional markets. 

Crypto Discussion Group

This is why knowledge of crypto is important. Understanding the market behavior, positive and negative news, market corrections, massive liquidity levels, and the tokens market’s particularities and their impact is

Remember that knowledge is power, especially in crypto.  Train your understanding of cryptocurrencies and their behavior. Identify market players, positive and negative news, market corrections, massive liquidity levels, and the tokens market’s particularities and their impact.

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To help bring the education of Blockchain technology and drive adoption in Nigeria, AAX9ja in collaboration with 10 Blockchain/crypto communities/KOLs in Nigeria hosted the “I CAN TRADE” event. The event was organized by Davizoe Effiong, the country manager of AAX. 

AAX9JA partnered with 10 Nigeria Blockchain communities to train people on how to trade on AAX, these communities were;

  • Blockchain Education Invasion-BEI anchored by Mike-B Etefia
  • Marvelous Macaulay anchored by Marvelous Macaulay
  • Cryptohills anchored by Hillary Azubuike
  • Ginakev Digital Academy – GIDA anchored by Kevin Chibuoyim
  • CryptoxAfrica anchored by Michael Jerry
  • Skyrole Academy anchored by Hope Ovat
  • Soluvic Crypto Hub anchored by Victor Solomon
  • Blockchain UNIBEN anchored by Anuoluwapo Adeleke
  • Make we Gist Crypto anchored by Jorian Emmanuel
  • GitHub Academy anchored by Datimfon Akpan

The event had an attendance of over 500 persons. On the first day, the regional Director Anton Gulin was present to talk about the (AAX) Atom Asset Exchange.

About AAX

AAX is one of the industry’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange makes it possible for all types of users to trade and invest their money and dwell in the world of blockchain, making good on its claim to offer a complete suite of investing and trading.

In addition to its many features and options, the platform boasts an innovative structure on its website, optimization based on a user’s expertise, and a premium support system. AAX is an excellent and reliable choice for crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

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