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A Guide to HaggleX- The Future of Finance




It is not easy to keep up with the number of blockchain products that are released in the market every day. The blockchain sector is valued at over $500 billion and it will always be a target for scams and fraudulent products.

In this high-risk environment, it is important that you turn to a platform that provides quality products as well as security. HaggleX is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to provide users with extensive features not found in the traditional banking system.

What makes HaggleX Different?

You may be wondering what makes HaggleX different from other platforms in the market. Firstly HaggleX is one of the few exchanges that is built on blockchain technology. Yes! This means that your funds are safe within the exchange and transactions within the platform are fast and efficient.

HaggleX has also done extensive research about the problems affecting existing exchanges and is built to resolve these problems. For example, the cost of remittances in Africa is one of the highest in the world. It is quite expensive to transfer money from other regions to Africa, also domestic transfers within Africa are also not cheap.

HaggleX enables users to transfer money within its platform at little to no cost. All that is required is the recipient name and you can transfer supported currencies. The recipient receives it within minutes and at minimal costs. Simple and efficient.

Another area where HaggleX offers solutions is in the form of utility payments. Although there are several utility payments firms in the market, Hagglex enables users to pay for these services in different currencies.

You can easily purchase airtime, settle electric bills and pay for your tv cable services in popular currencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, HaggleX token (HAG) and your local fiat currency.  Again this process is simple and efficient.

It is reported that less than 20% of Africans have money saved up in their accounts. This shows that the traditional banking system has failed to make savings attractive, this is due to the low-interest rates on savings. HaggleX resolves this problem by paying you to save on its platform.

The saving feature called BITSAVE is in the form of a piggy bank and offers juicy interest rates for savers that intend to keep their money for a rainy day. HaggleX BITSAVE enables you to save your money in different currencies including BTC, ETH, EOS, HAG and your local fiat currency.

Decentralized P2P Market Place

HaggleX primary product is its P2P market place that is designed to connect buyers and sellers of digital assets in different locations. At the moment, HaggleX has a presence in 14 countries globally.

Traders will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies, gift cards and other electronic assets within the HaggleX ecosystem. One of the problems that many p2p exchanges face is the issue with fraudulent transactions. HaggleX intends to build a p2p platform that ensures maximum security of transactions.

Traders would only be able to interact with verified merchants and partners. Also for every transaction, the funds are placed in an escrow system that holds the money until the seller confirms receipt of payment from the buyer.

Apart from the p2p exchange, HaggleX also offers truly decentralized features. Decentralized finance is the latest form of finance and has become popular among traders due to the earning potentials. You will be able to lend and borrow on the HaggleX platform.

HaggleX also intends to introduce staking where users can stake their crypto assets like BTC and HAG for impressive rewards. In addition, HaggleX will be offering other community-based rewards like scholarships and ambassador programs to promote crypto adoption in Africa.

Why You Should Buy HAG Tokens

All the products that HaggleX is building will be powered by its utility token HAG. This means that HAG is a vital aspect of HaggleX and as the exchange grows, there is huge potential for the token to grow.

The crypto market is full of examples of exchanges whose tokens exploded in price when its community grew. Uniswap token (UNI) for example rose by over 300% in a few days after launch.

As experienced crypto stakeholders will say, the best time to buy a token is when the project is starting and not well known. HaggleX is a new product that has a high upside and you can partake in this future by purchasing HAG token at its current price which is very cheap. Visit and get your HAG tokens now. 1 HAG = $1.

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