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60 Coinbase Employees Left After an Apolitical Company Statement



60 Coinbase Employees Left After an Apolitical Company Statement

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Approximately 5% (or 60) of Coinbase employees have taken advantage of the “Generous Exit Plan” offered to anyone who disagrees with company policies.

According to the latest update from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the company’s executives “could have done better” to clarify how an apolitical culture works.

This created confusion among staff who had many difficult conversations about “what our apolitical culture means in practice.”

Number of Leaving Coinbase Employees to Increase 

Armstrong also admitted that the number of employees leaving could increase because “many other discussions are ongoing” despite someone suggesting a deadline for the withdrawal plan.

The Coinbase CEO noted he was concerned about the impact of underrepresented minorities on the people. However, their response was very encouraging:

“It was reassuring to see that people from under-represented groups at Coinbase have not taken the exit package in numbers disproportionate to the overall population.”

Although many people have left the exchange, Armstrong believes that this will ultimately help bring the entire team together, stronger and more united than before.

Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) first published the corporate goal “Focus on mission and apolitical” last week. The news received controversial responses from many celebrities, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey publicly disagrees and calls the fields of bitcoin and cryptocurrency “direct activism.”

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